First Nonsensical Post

This is my first time blogging.

I decided to blog because I just wanted to keep up with the hobbies and goals in my life. I am an avid hobbyist and sometimes keeping up with everything that goes into that can be a chore. Then there are my life goals that can affect any hobbying I might want to accomplish. And making time for both…can be pretty chaotic.

I’m pretty unconventional in nature, even if I’m somewhat of an introvert. That’s why I like to describe myself as an eccentric introvert. I enjoy time that I have by myself but I love being around people with interesting personalities. I tend to like being around open-minded individuals that think outside of any possible norm. The more you can be yourself, the better.

Speaking of, that took me a long time to understand. It took me forever to just be me. I thought I was always the “weird” girl because I thought differently than other people. That I might not fit what might be expected of me. That…can be a scary thing growing up. It makes you do things to conform that you just don’t want to. Do you know what it’s like to keep all of yourself in a small jar? It’s almost impossible from blowing the top off it. And let me tell you, when I finally did, I opened to tons of possibilities. I learned so many things about myself and I continue to do so today. I’m sure I will continually discover myself and THAT is just fine.

And here I am. I’m blogging about my hobbies and goals. All of which melds together to form this eccentric introvert.

Enjoy the ride!



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