Cross Stitching – Asian Fantasy 4


My Asian Fantasy 4 Kit

The beginning of this year I started cross stitching Asian Fantasy 4.

Now, this is my first “big girl” cross stitching project. All other cross stitches I’ve done have been cross stitching kits. You know…they all have the things you need to complete the project like the pattern, thread, needles, and fabric. AF4 was only a pattern and a dream. A dream to finish.

I started cross stitching when I was very young, maybe 14/15. I grew out of it after middle school. Then I found my love again at the end of 2012. The first kit I did was Oriental Orchids. I wanted to start out easy. When I found the kit I wanted to do it first because it was on 14 count Aida and it was a nice average size to begin with. Usually, I like to do something hard and skip the easy, but I took my time. It ended beautifully.

Oriental Orchids (Finished)

Oriental Orchids (Finished)

Once I finished OO I moved on to another that was just a level up. I moved on to Kitty Litter. This was a cross stitch kit as well. (A little note: I totally love Dimensions! They have such amazing kits I could buy them all if I could haha. I would definitely recommend checking them out if you want to start out cross stitching. They’re instructions are easy to follow and the tips on have to do certain stitches are as well.) Kitty Litter was on 18 count Aida, a smaller hole pattern than 14, and much bigger than OO. At first, I was overwhelmed. I thought I got into something more than I was ready for. I was wrong. It was hard at first, but I got the hang of it and was glad I stuck with it.

Kitty Litter Progress in January.

Kitty Litter progress in January.

I’ve been working on KL on and off for about a year now, I started it in July 2013, and it’s coming along really well. I decided in Dec. 2013 to go ahead and get Asian Fantasy 4 for January, as I was getting bored with KL and was ready to do something even more challenging.

I found AF4 on Heaven and Earth Designs website. (I LOVE LOVE LOOOVVEE their website. It’s just ridiculous how you can just want to buy every pattern they have.) I bought AF4 at a discount, HAED always has discounts going, and searched for a place to buy all my materials. Figuring out the size fabric was hard until I found 123stitch. They have a wonderful fabric calculator and it helped me tremendously. I bought my thread and 25 count Laguna fabric from their website. (At the time, I just moved and didn’t realize that a JoAnn’s Fabrics was half an hour away *cries cries* or I would have just went there.) After I ordered I was concerned about stitching the edges, as I read that you should clean them up before you start big projects, and was very pleased to see that 123stich already did it for me!

123Stich did my edges ^_^

123Stich did my edges ^_^

I was a happy girl ^_^.

I would definitely buy fabric from them again because the edges are wonderful.

I then went and got the rest of my supplies from JoAnn’s. Once all of everything was gathered I went straight to organizing. I first took all 90 colors, oh yes AF4 has 90 colors, and wrapped them around the plastic bobbins. At first, I was going to use those little DMC stickers for the bobbins. That was such a disaster to use. Those stickers are too small and lose the stick easily. So, I jerry-rigged the numbers.

Tape can be your friend.

Tape can be your friend.

All I did was cut the numbers off the wrapping that was holding the thread and tape it onto the bobbins with clear tape. Now they’re nice big numbers you just can’t miss. I love them like this.

Now, while I was wrapping I was also making sure to cut off some for my AF4 project. I would cut the thread and then log it all on my handy project cards.

Cross Stitch Project Cards

Cross Stitch Project Cards

I kept on until I was done organizing all my colors and wrapping my bobbins. Then I was all good to go.

Colors being used for Asian Fantasy 4

Everything being used for Asian Fantasy 4

Once I started on this wonderful project I’ve just been keeping at it little by little. Right now, I’m still on my first page of AF4. I want to get back to KL and finish it before October this year. So I’ll be back and forth between KL and AF4 for the coming months. I hope to update on either/or by next week’s blog.

For now…here is what AF4 is looking like.


AF4 as of 6/1/14

Well that’s it for now.

Anyone working on any cross stitching projects? Let me know what you got stitching.


Happy Stitching ^_^



4 thoughts on “Cross Stitching – Asian Fantasy 4

  1. The kitty stitching looks so cute, I bet it’s going to look wonderful when it’s finished. Good for you on doing a big project, I tend to stay away from them myself because my attention span is so bad on the larger projects and up ditching them and finding something else. Although I could do with the challenge that’s for sure!

    • Thanks. I have a short attention span too, but the larger project keeps me from straying. It’s right up until I’m almost done that I ditch. It’s hard for me to finish anything with that attitude. ^_^.

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