My Korean Addiction: Taeyang

What you’ve just listened to is one of my Korean addictions. The lovely Taeyang‘s single “Eyes, Nose, Lips” from is new album Rise.

My story on this is…I’ve been a fan of all things Korean since 2005. Yes, it is very true. I love k-dramas, Korean fashion and food, and Kpop. I really love the culture.

I could go into more detail, but this post is a total interlude to spread my love, and respect, to the artist Taeyang, aka Young-bae. To those who may not know who he is…he’s a singer from the Korean boy group Big Bang. There are five members of this group and they ALL have their own solo works, which is awesome, but when they come together it’s just like musical magic. When I first heard them in my early years I knew I’d be lost in this group forever. It might not be forever, but I’m still a total fan of all they do. (I’m waiting for their CD to come out this year actually lol). But, I was very excited to know that Taeyang would be coming out with a new solo album. His previous one, Solar, was fantastic! His voice is just magical. He generally has a R&B tone that you can just feel even if you don’t understand the words.

Now, his album came out on June 2nd, this I knew about. What I didn’t know was we’d get this awesome music video for one of his songs beforehand! I had no idea about this lol. And it actually took a while for the songs to come out on ITunes. Even so, I have to highly praise the album. I think if you’ve never heard of Big Bang or Taeyang you should totally check both out. Especially, Taeyang’s new album. Seriously…why is the first song, the intro, not longer!!! Omg ^_^ I’m just dying over how great the entire album is. He poured his heart into this thing.

I’m going to have Rise on repeat for a few days, this I know.

And I’m going to leave this off with another music video from his Solar album, “Wedding Dress” because I totally love the video. *swoons*


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