Cross Stitching – Back of Projects

Today is Cross Stitch Monday!

I worked a little on my *cough cough* UFO *cough cough* Kitty Litter. I haven’t worked on it in over a month. Which is a shame because I’m about 60% done with it all.

Kitty short WIP

It’s not much progress, but I only worked on it over the weekend.

You know, as I was working on this one I began to look at the back and it doesn’t look to shabby, so I wanted to show it off.

Back of Kitty Litter

Now, I’m pretty anal about my cross stitching. When I first started I was told to just feel everything out. That meant I should just go with whatever and not worry about how my back looked. I could have listened, but my mind doesn’t work that way. When I do/learn something I want to start out correctly and do it right the first time. I know that’s not a realistic expectation. But, I’m sort of a perfectionist when I hobby. I’m not one of those people to lose it if I make a mistake either. Mistakes are a fantastic learning process. You can only get better with what you do learning from your mistakes. I just like to put my all in my hobbies and not cut corners because of that feeling of accomplishment after I finish. Cross stitching can take a while, but I’m always in awe whenever I finish whatever I’m working on. That, makes it all worth it.

Seriously, it’s not much pressure on myself. I always feel like I have to explain that I love that type of pressure. It supercharges and energizes me. It’s not for everyone, but it does me just fine. ^_^.

Anywoo, I decided to show the back of my Oriental Orchids cross stitch.

Back of Oriental Orchids

This was my first stitch, after many years, and I can tell where I started. I was all over the place on the back before I got the hang of it. Still, it looks nice. I think. I’m really not sure if AF4 is going to look so nice when done. I’m not too happy on how the back is looking.

What about you guys who cross stitch? How does your backs look? I tried searching for back examples, just to compare if I’m doing it okay or not, but I can’t find any. Don’t be ashamed of your backs people! I would love to see how they look. They are pretty surreal and artistic. Ha, my sister’s told me she likes the way the back of my cross stitches looks because it’s pretty not being so uniformed.



3 thoughts on “Cross Stitching – Back of Projects

  1. I like my backs pretty and neat as well, but sometimes – mostly on projects with lots of confetti – it just isn’t feasible. The backsides of my Thomas Kinkade-designs look rather messy, but I just don’t see another way to do it….

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