Heaven and Earth Sale! Plus a Taeyang Thing.

Today Heaven and Earth Designs is having a Father’s Day 30% off sale until the 20th of this month

Just wanted to throw that out there since I’m hoping to get Chimera Black Rose while the sale is going. It’s been one I have had my eye on for a while and said that the next time a sale comes I should just get it. I’m not too sure when I’ll be able to get the other needless things. Like fabric and floss haha. But, there’s a sale…a sale…a sale!!!!

And I’m leaving off with a Taeyang video. Lol. I just found it yesterday! I didn’t know he’d released a new one to his new album Rise. Jeez, why am I so late! And let’s not even talk about the kissing…yes I said kissing…in this video. I refuse to even really acknowledge it happened. I’m super jealous.

This is Taeyang’s 1AM MV. Enjoy and have a great weekend divas and divos.


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