Writing Wednesday – Unfinished Stories

Oh poo.

I didn’t cross stitch any to post something on Monday, but I wanted to post something for the week so I thought of this idea of posting some of my writings. I love to write. When I was in my late teens, I’m not that old seriously, you couldn’t stop me from writing. It’s fun to tell a story from scratch!

I’ve been debating on actually merging my writing in here some how. Currently, I’m editing/proofreading an old novel I wrote way back in 2005. People seemed to like it and I figured I’d do the whole self-publish thing on Amazon. I don’t know if I’ll put it up for money or not yet because I’m not really sure why I’m doing it. It might be because for once I’ve finished something and I’m pretty proud it’s been finished. Honestly speaking, I hated the story after I wrote it. I thought it was god awful for years. Then once I kept getting notes from people saying I should publish it, I figured…why not. My goal is to have it done edited and published before the end of this year.

But, what is this story of yours? You ask me.

I’m not telling.


I’m still not sure if I want to share that yet.

What I will share are some UF/short stories here. Of course the UF’s may or may not be finish. I’ll post them on certain days. (Ahem, they’ll probably be on Wednesdays… *ahem* possibly not every Wednesday *murtle murtle*… because I like Writing Wednesday as a name ^_^ ). I might tell on myself by posting these. If you figure out who I am…good for you!

This should keep me motivated to write. Yay.

Oh and there is not a story today, but will be a UF next week!

Sorry about that ^_^.



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