Cross Stitching – Kitty Litter WIP 2

I’m late with posting! Gah. Now I’m going to crawl under a rock and hope its heavy enough to smoosh my brains in.

Ew, can you imagine lying underneath a heavy rock and the pressure just builds and builds until…oh my POP! Now that’s some kind of torture. And that’s your destiny from now on. Waiting for your head to cave in from the pressure of a rock on your head.


Alright, alright, alright. Enough of the funny. (Well to me that whole rock thing was very funny.) On to the stitching update! ^_^.

I had a great three day weekend, thanks to July 4th. When I say great I’m saying GREAATTTT….while singing at the top of my lungs. Let me tell yeah, I so needed a three day weekend. I was about feeling burnt out. I didn’t do any major celebrations either on the 4th. I just slept and relaxed the entire day. That’s right. I got me some much needed “me” time to think about nada and sloth around. It was really amazing.

I did do some stitching on the 4th and over the weekend though.

Kitty Litter 070614
Nice progress for me, if I do say so myself. I got the top of the basket done and started the bottom of it. MUHAHAHA! I get excited when I see progress for this one because I was about to make it a UFO, unfinished object. I said a big NO to that. I spoke to myself and said, “Self, get it together you’re almost finished here. You can finish something!” LOL. I needed the abusive pep talk. *Expletives were used and not written due to sensitivities of individualisms and the respectable nature of self for preservation purposes ^_^ .*

I’ll be working on this over the week and I might get my basket completed by this weekend. I say this but my reality side is just telling me I won’t. Negativity be banished! Don’ you wish you could say something like that and thus it shall be true? Then again, I think we should all be able to selfishly wish for one thing a year and it does come true. Of course there’s some stipulations to the rule but I won’t divulge into it now because it requires my brain to have caffeine that it is desperately missing at the moment.

Also, I wanted to comment that I took said photo in a Lightbox that I made. I’ve been trying to figure out how to take better photos and that’s when someone told me about Lightboxes. I found some you can buy, but then I stumbled upon a Lightbox Tutorial. Out of all the instructions on how to make your own lightbox, I loved this one the most. Its easy directions to follow and very inexpensive. So, I put my hands at giving it a quick try.
1st Light Box Experiment
Yes, mine is smaller and very sloppy looking here haha. (The only reason it’s smaller is because it’s the only box I had on hand. I had everything else just not a big box. This was a trial to see if it would work.) And I have to say…I love the lightbox! It saved on my post work. I’m sure I won’t even need any after I get a bigger box and get a different wattage for my bulb. I kind of want to even find a white cardboard box, if there is such an animal, because then I won’t need to add that white paper inside as background.

That is all I have to say this time round. Enjoy your week!



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