Digital Coloring – Meep

I didn’t do any cross stitching the past week. Too busy and no free time. I did, however, do something a bit different over the weekend. I colored!

It’s a hobby, but I really love digitally coloring things. Luckily for me, DeviantArt is a great source to find lineart to color. (I can be found via waffumonsta on the website btw.) I usually don’t finish a lot of what I start to color, hello does that ever sound familiar for me, but I did start and finish something!

*I did in no way draw the lineart shown below, nor did I ink it. I just added colors to the image, that’s all*

Meep Colors

I love the colors! I wanted to do something warm. I almost gave up on the hair, but glad I didn’t. I ought to practice coloring more.

The original lineart is called Meep Lineart by x-Beyond-B.



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