Cross Stitching – Kitty Litter WIP 3

Lots of pictures will be in this post ^_^.

I got the basket outline done on Kitty Litter.

Basket Outline Done

Ugh, to the hoop mark still. I’ll forever be haunted by how dirty this one has become. I know it’s my second cross stitch and all but still it’s disappointing. Now, I’m super careful and always take it out the hoop when I store it. I’m extremely careful and anal about how I’m storing my cross stitching projects. My goal is just to not get them as dirty as they could be. Lol, I actually wash my hands constantly when working on my projects so…yeah it goes that far. I’m a boss on my cross stitching haha.

Speaking about this project, I almost came to a terrible stand still again when I almost ran out of floss. Luckily, I still had enough of the floss to finish up all the stitches that needed it. I ran out of one type of floss, months ago, for this project and had to order it, I didn’t have to pay for it though they sent it to me for free so all smiles there haha, but I’m just surprised I’m running out. I think I just expected to have leftovers when the project was finished. Like when I finished the Oriental Orchids. Hope I don’t have to order more floss before I’m finished with the project. I’m worried I’ll have to. When you have momentum and you’re in the “zone” it just sucks to have to stop everything because you are out of floss and then wait a week to get it. It’s hard to get that feeling again.

On to a better note. I found a new box to make my lightbox!

New LightBox

It’s bigger and I’m excited to cut and use it. Below you can see the comparison of my old and soon-to-be lightboxes.

Comparing Size

I’m serious…you should totally get/make a light box for photos of little things. It’s sooo helpful when taking pictures. I don’t have great lighting in my room/house, as my house doesn’t really have great sun for photos outside either because it’s the mountain and hill area, and was grateful to be able to make one. With this bigger one I won’t have to worry so much about breaking through the top to make everything stand up, like when I’m taking photos of my cross stitches *derp*.

The Small Lightbox

So…yay to that hehe.

I’ll be working on this the rest of the week because I’m determined to have the basket done before next post. Hope you all have a great week. And as always….


Happy Stitching!



5 thoughts on “Cross Stitching – Kitty Litter WIP 3

  1. I’ve been thinking about getting a lightbox, I actually have one on my amazon wish list. I think I might bite the bullet and get one now! And a wireless SD card, because I swear that’s the reason I don’t use my nice DSR camera… I’d have to plug it in to get the photos!

    • You should! It’s been a nice addition to taking photos for me personally. And I only have a little point and shoot camera, it’s seriously not the best thing in the world for photos because it can be temperamental and grainy, so for me to get a good shot is everything. I’m so jealous of your camera choice! See…get the box and the card and you’ll be all set ^_^.

      • I’m so lazy, I hope I actually use it! We bought a nice camera for a vacation we took a few years ago and I must say it was a great investment, if you are ever in the position to get one, it’s worth it. The learning curve isn’t that bad either. My parents were jealous of mine, so they went and bought one too! 🙂 I have a Nikon D3100, which is their entry level version, my only “complaint” is that you can hook a remote up to it, silly I know! 😀 There are fully automatic features to so it can be just like a point and shoot if you wanted.

  2. Ah, THIS was the update I really wanted to comment on and kinda forgot – shame on me!

    The light box looks awesome, I might try and build or buy one once we’re settled in the new apartment, I’m not buying stuff until I know I’ll have space for it after the move 😀

    About the hoop marks, have you haver considered using a q snap? I only discovered those about a year ago, but I can’t think about using regular hoops again, those don’t really leave marks, only disort the stitches a little if you leave them on for to long, but nowhere as bad as regular hoops ^_^

    • Haha. You say that about the lightbox and I realize I didn’t show pictures of the new one I made. Bummer. I’ll have to do it next post or something. But, yeah it’s a nice thing to have for macro things.

      I have tried the q snap before. Just once though. I can’t get that tightness I like when I did use it. It’s been some time though. I might try it again. I’m just a hoop gal. It’s really my own fault and not the hoop. I left my project in the hoop, then I left it out and exposed, then I use to never wash my hands before working on it, and it got dirty. Lesson learned there. With the new Asian Fantasy project I’ve yet to have that dreaded mark just because I’m following good stitching habits.

      I plan to wash Kitty Litter…after much research on how to go about doing it…when I’m finished. I’ll cross my fingers she’ll not look to horrible. Then again, I’m hard on myself haha. My sister told me it really doesn’t look that bad.

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