A Crocheted Baby Blanket

This isn’t a cross stitching post. *cries cries* But, that’s all good and well because I have something different to share with you guys!

A homemade crocheted baby blanket.

Baby Blanket

At the beginning of this year I was super excited to hear that one of my coworkers was pregnant. As soon as I heard I started to think about what I wanted to give her. I thought about cross stitching something, but I really couldn’t do anything because she didn’t want to know the sex of the baby. I also didn’t want to do one of those patterns that you had to sew in the name and birthdate either. (I wasn’t sure I would still be working where I am by the time she even had the baby and didn’t want to NOT get her anything!). That’s when someone gave me an idea of doing a blanket.

I’m not so good at crocheting. I have a blanket that I work on now and again. I think I’ll probably continue to work on that blanket until I’m old and grey. Crocheting is just relaxing at times. It’s not really my thing. I don’t jump for joy over crocheting, is what I’m trying to say. But, I was determined to create a blanket for her. I tried, and tried, and tried, and tried…but I couldn’t do anything that was straight enough.

So, I asked my mom if she could work on one for me. She said yes and the blanket was created. She’s the crochet lady. She can crochet anything and likes to crochet everything. I think she did a great job with the blanket. And it’s sooo soft. I need to ask her what she used.

Here it is zoomed out.

Full Size of Baby Blanket

And a close up of the edges.

Baby Blanket Edges

My coworkers baby shower was a while ago, and I wasn’t able to attend, but I hope she enjoyed getting this blanket.

Here’s what I packed the blanket in.

Baby Shower Card and Bag

(Funny thing is I was trying to be very coordinated with the gift bag. I wanted the card to match and then I put the orange/red wrapping paper to give some fun color. My bag was looking stylish!)

Hope everyone has a great week!



One thought on “A Crocheted Baby Blanket

  1. Wow, we didn’t I commen here for so long? Bad me, must have slipped my mind…the blanket looks awesome, I love the yarn she used. Hooray for crocheting!

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