Cross Stitching – Kitty Litter WIP 4

This is a super short update post. (I’ve been busy at work and it’s about to be super crazy this coming week. Things should settle down next week ^_^.)

I didn’t update last week because I didn’t have anything to show. I was also being a total girl, stereotyping here, and I was lovesick…ugh. That’s over now though. I’m bouncy and happy once again. This month has been really hard on me emotionally. I plan to do a spa thing to relax. And when I’m saying “spa thing” I really mean I’m going to go get a pedicure. Haha.

Let me stop jabbering and show you my progress on Kitty Litter!

Filling in the Basket!

Sorry about covering the lovely green marble with that string. All the marbles are lovely on this pattern. A shame to not showcase it better in this photo.

I did all the little things in the basket first before I started to fill it in with the main color. This is the complete opposite to what I’ve been doing on this project. I just wanted to try something different. I’ll keep on trucking on as I continue to stitch. Hope to have a good post next Monday.

Have a great week!



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