Fixing My Sad Lightbox

Ahhh! I forgot to post last week. I didn’t even think about it until it was in the middle of the week and thought to just wait to post the beginning of this one.

I was going to show an update on Kitty Litter, but I’m almost done with all the cross stitching. I’ll have to dangle that and leave you anticipating it for the next post ^_^. I’m evil like that.

For now, I’ll share in all my joy of making that darn Lightbox out of the bigger box I found. I had made it a while back but forgot to show how it looked. Then just a week or so afterwards, I noticed it began to fall into itself. Honestly, I wasn’t sure why. I hadn’t seen any buckling of the sides when I made it. It was nice and sturdy. Then the most awful thing happened. It started to cave in completely.

Fixing a Sad Lightbox-Step 1

It’s the saddest looking box ever. Isn’t it? I thought so. Once it started looking like this, I figured I’d just throw it away and just buy one. But….I’m stubborn. I figured I could fix it.

So, I did.

First, I had to figure out how I was going to reinforce the edges to not cave in. I had some thick wire, in the basement, and thought I could use it.

Fixing a Sad Lightbox-Step 2

It wasn’t flimsy wire. It was really thick. I knew it would do the job. I then proceeded to use some wire cutters to cut through the wire.

Fixing a Sad Lightbox-Step 3

Sadly enough, these wire cutters were not tough enough to cut through the wire.

Fixing a Sad Lightbox-Step 4

Trust me when I say I tried my hardest to work with those cutters. I even tried to find some bigger ones and they wouldn’t cut through them. There I was sadly on my floor trying to figure out a way to cut the wire when my mother brought me a awful looking hand saw. She had heard the exasperation I had with using the cutters.

Fixing a Sad Lightbox-Step 5

I was skeptical. How exactly would a rusty, and dull, saw going to help me here. But, I tried it.

Fixing a Sad Lightbox-Step 6

I was surprised to find that sawing through the wire was relatively easy. Well…after I figured how to saw it properly. The saw gave me hell for the first 30 minutes. Took some trial and error. It was dull at the middle and bottom part, but at the vvveerrryyy tip top it worked like a champ. There was no stopping me then after I found this out.

The plan was to saw three sections to reinforce my sides. I’d have three pieces for each side. Then when I had problems, before I found out the top part was the sharpest and best part to saw with, I decided to just bend the wire and then saw off the rest. I only had three sides. I only had to bend in two places. It was easier than trying to take all my time sawing three pieces. (Oh, the wire was really long btw. If it wasn’t I would have had to go with my original plan.)

Now that I was done sawing I knew beforehand that I would use duck tape to tape the wire inside the box.

Fixing a Sad Lightbox-Step 7

The first step was to insert the wire inside the box along the droopy edges.

Fixing a Sad Lightbox-Step 8

I did a good job of making sure the wire was firm and in place, thank goodness.

The second step was to begin placing the tape on the outside of the box to wrap it around the wire.

Fixing a Sad Lightbox-Step 9

Then I folded the tape over and began to seal the wire.

Fixing a Sad Lightbox-Step 10

Once I was happy with how one side looked, I continued to tape the other two sides until all were taped into place.

Fixing a Sad Lightbox-Step 11

Tada! After I finished reinforcing I was super happy that the edges were not only sturdy, but it would always stay sturdy.

Fixing a Sad Lightbox-Step 12

The only unfortunate thing of the whole ordeal was that I had ripped a couple of holes in my paper. Which was fine. I did the inside of my Lightbox differently than I had done before. I had experimented with keeping the paper on the inside instead of outside. Really, it was a good idea but it never stayed tight enough to be effective. Now that I had rips I just decided to pull all the paper off and redo it.

This time I made sure to keep it on the outside of the box.

Fixing a Sad Lightbox-Step 13

Doesn’t it look nice? It’s tight and the light looks better now that the paper is tighter. (I know you can’t see that in the picture above haha.)  I may not like seeing the brown in the inside, but it’s effective.

I placed the rest of my paper inside just as a background. I stapled the top, as to hold it in place, but left the bottom to drape. I store my box under the bed, so I have to flip it on the back part and leave it open and up. It’s easy to store and I don’t have to worry about it ripping.

I’m just glad that I fixed it ^_^. Maybe if anyone’s had drooping box issues, try this out. It’s easy and having it reinforced will ease your mind of how flimsy it can be. I can’t wait to use it for pictures now.

Next week perhaps hehe.

Have a great week!



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