Cross Stitching – Kitty Litter WIP 4.1

I’m shocked that this is my 2nd time in a row where I’ve posted.  It’s nice to not miss one. I think if I can do a solid post every Monday, I’ll be a happy gal.

You may notice that I’ve written 4.1 instead of 5 for my KL WIP. Yeah well, that’s because I thought this was  the big one where I’m finished all my cross stitches. I thought it was.

It wasn’t *sighs*.

I started taking photos of my “thought” completion, when I noticed that I missed two stitching articles at the VERY BOTTOM! I was upset. I wanted to show off the finished cross stitches for this week. I gloated last week and now it’s biting me in the butt.

So, it’s 4.1.

And 4.1 isn’t bad.

Finished Basket, Butterfly, and Marbles

Oh, I’m amazed I haven’t run out of any thread yet. Haha. I might regret saying that since I have 25% left to do. Here’s to hoping.

Happy Stitching!



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