Cross Stitching – Kitty Litter WIP 5


I’m finished all the cross stitches of KL lol. I’m so happy, it’s not even funny.


Yes it is!

*Laughs maniacally*

Here she is.

Kitty Litter Cross Stitches *Done*

I ironed it out and tried to take a nice picture. It’s a great accomplishment, even if she’s sooooo dirty, I could stare at the progress all day. I won’t though. I’m going to make a plan on where to begin doing my half stitches. Do you like doing half stitches? I don’t. I’m just excited to do something else besides cross stitches.

I also want to be done with this project. I love working on KL, but it’s time to have it done. I’ll be finished with it before Christmas. Notice I did not say I “might” because I will. I’m determined.

Don’t you have projects that you love working on but you keep looking at it and tapping that invisible watch on your wrist to say, “It’s gettin’ ’bout that time to wrap it up”? KL is mine. I love stitching it. It’s tons of fun! I just want it donnneeee *whines*.

So, give me some stitching energy guys. I might burn it out of frustration and then sob like a baby when I see the burnt remains. Seriously, it’s a love-hate relationship haha. *sighs*

I might be taking a break on stitching this week though. I’ve been in a coloring mood ^_^.

Happy Stitching!



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