Mini Post

There is not post today!

But, that’s because my camera isn’t charging so I can take pictures. It’s been acting up lately, but a friend is suppose to help me out with it today, so I’m hoping it’s not broken for good. I did drop it pretty hard just once…last month. Only time it’s fell out of my hands. Gah, once can always do it though.

I’ve not been stitching on KL. I sorta just put it to the side for now. I think the rest of this month I won’t be stitching it. Just to have a break away from it is all I need. I got super frustrated, yet again, with the half stitches. I figured out that I just can’t do simple. Simple drives me absolutely bananas. I like love complicated! It’s stressing me out…those half stitches. So, a break will be good for me.

I did start working on Asian Fantasy 4 again. That, made me happy. I was smiling the entire time I was trying to figure out those stitches. I couldn’t remember where I started, had to count out, and it was glorious! Calmed me right down. I felt at home with doing it.

Is that odd?

Anyways, I was planning to show my progress on AF4, but as my camera is busted, I have to wait a little bit. I hope that it gets fixed later in the day. I’m hoping even more that I don’t have to buy a new one. (Although I’ve been wanting to get a dslr. This might be a tell-tale sign that I should shell out and get one. I will wait to hear the result on ol’ cammy first haha).

Have a great week guys!




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