Cross Stitching: AF4 WIP 2

My camera’s working! Hurray! My friend looked it over and told me that when I did drop it last I knocked something apart, but he fixed it for me and so now it works fine.

Now I can show my AF progress.

Before I do that, I want to say that KL is just on a minor hold. After my frustration with the half stitches, I decided to not touch it the rest of this month. I’ll get back to sewing on it probably in the second week of November. I’m taking a little break from her. All couples go through it. (Haha). Now, she’s wrapped up in a nice pillow case and stored safely away and all is right with the world once again. Besides, my big girl project AF is a nice added spice. It’s fun to mix it up ^_^.

Here she is so far. One minor note is that this is actually more than what I had wanted to show you all last week.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 5 (102614)

(I have no idea why I’m personifying my cross stitching by the way. They just both feel like “she”. KL is such a diva, but AF is laid back and chill. I’ll choose the last over a diva any day. Besides, I’m too much of one to leave room for another. No wonder we clash all the time! Fate.)

She’s coming along really well. Don’t judge me on how I’ve wrapped her up lol. I absolutely loveeeee hoops. I just had to get all that fabric pulled away. What I do is roll the top and the bottom to come to center and tie off the sides. When I’m done stitching on it for the day I undo the ties, unroll, and take out of the hoop. I then fold it back up and wrap it in a pillow case. I put the ties in it’s own plastic bag, as to not capture dust particles and dirt on their own and thus ruining my fabric, and keep the hoop in a drawer. Might not be everyone’s way, but I’ve found it keeps my fabric smudge free and it’s therapeutic. After KL, I’m trying to take care of my projects and it’s paying off.

Did I mention to you guys that I do NOT want to ever work with white fabric again when stitching? Lol. If I haven’t, I’m telling you now. AF is clean, so far, but because she’s white fabric I’m sure if there’s any kind of spots it’ll definitely be seen.

I know, I know.

You’re all saying, “But you won’t be seeing the fabric. It’s going to be all covered since it’s a HAED.”

And you’re right. But, I hate seeing that ugly dirtiness. I hope to work on black fabric for HAED projects. Has anyone worked on black fabric before? I know I’ve read some people say it’s hard to see the holes, but I can see the holes really well on this 25 ct that I’m working on for AF.  Like really well. So I’m not concerned about the holes lol. I think black fabric would look better. I find as I’m stitching, even if I’m careful, that I can see the lightness of the fabric around my X’s. I don’t like that. If not on black I’d love to work on something darker than white and more than those tan colors. A grey maybe? Is there grey? The only real reason I see it might be hard to work on black is if you’re using dark colors. Most of my projects I do want to work on, that’s HAED, are consistently filled with dark coloring.

Have a great week and happy stitching.



3 thoughts on “Cross Stitching: AF4 WIP 2

  1. Awesome progress! That’s almos a page done, isn’t it?

    Right now I’m going through kind of the same thoughts about fabric…I’ve been told repeatedly that black is really hard to work on, and that the problem of coverage (the ‘lightness’ showing around the xs, as you call it) would be better solved by working on 28ct fabric.

    Are you stitching with one or two strands of floss, by the way? I’m a little confused, because HAED usually says to use two strands, but that has a REALLY good coverage on 25ct normally…

    • Hey lady!

      I was thrown a little over your name. I’m use to seeing Fusainne.^_^. And yeppers it’s almost a page done! I just got this top left to finish.

      I did not take into account the fabric count and thread usage. I’m doing 1-over-1 instead of using 2 strands for this HAED. I wanted that super detailed look with using 1-0ver-1. Now, I think that if I worked on 28ct and did the 1-over-1 I wouldn’t see the fabric. But, I’m super anal about my cross stitching. I really think I would still not like using lighter fabric.

      Why do people tell you that black is hard to work on? I’ve only heard about seeing the holes haha, so if there’s something else I’d love to hear it.

      • Aw, sorry – I’m so used to replying on Blogger by my real name, I totally forgot I usually go by Fusainne here!

        I think I will try different coverage/thread count combinations, maybe start three projects in parallel on different counts…I have some kind of plan in my head, just need to see how it will work out.

        As for the black, I’m not sure, I have yet to try working on that as well…but maybe we should both do a smaller project on black to see how it goes before jumping right into the big ones 😉

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