Cross Stitching: AF4 WIP 4

Yay! It’s time to show how AF4 has been coming along for the past two weeks.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 6.1 (111614)

She looks good right?

I’m a little sad to be putting her to the side to work on KL though. (Since I did say this past week was my last week to work on AF4). That being said, I might cheat a little on KL and work on AF4 haha. But, KL will be my main focus until it’s completion. Prepare yourselves, boys and girls, for a lot of griping in coming weeks until KL is done.

Now, lets talk about how this Parking Technique has been going for me.

I love this technique! I thought I wouldn’t! But I really do ^_^. I swear I’ve stitched more with this technique than my usual stitching. ANNNDDD it’s very relaxing.

The technique didn’t take long for me to understand. I’m currently only doing 1 column at a time. I’m sticking with a row of 10 for each column as I move down. Once I finish 1 column I go back up and start all over. It would be nice to just shift over after finishing 1 column and move upwards, but I tried that and it didn’t work for me. This is why I’m doing top to bottom. I’ve done 2 columns and now I’m on the 3rd.

While I work this stitch I still follow my old stitching principles. I’m making sure not to go over more than 3 holes, on this particular pattern, with my threads of the same color. If I have to go over 3 I run it under some stitches. I just want my back to look neat. (This might not make sense. I think what I’ll do is later in the week, or the next, I’ll do a fun show on how I stitch! Lol).

Speaking of the back, I’m pleased to say that it doesn’t look so bad while using this technique.  In fact, it’s much cleaner.

Back of Parking

To the left of the needle is the Parking Technique and on the right is my normal cross country stitching. I think my left looks better than the right. It might even look the same. I’m just happy it’s not messy. *Cries for joy* It’s not messy!! *breathes*

Oh, you might have noticed the pictures are looking different. Well…long story short…my cat tried jumping in the Lightbox on the weak side and he didn’t make it. Instead, he fell on the weak side and crumpled it. Then he couldn’t get out and ripped the thing up lol. It was funny at the time and it still is. But, there’s no more Lightbox. I had a good time trying it out ^_^.

Well guys have a good week. I’ll try to have one. I’m fearing KL. Ugh.

Happy Stitching




One thought on “Cross Stitching: AF4 WIP 4

  1. Wow, that was really fast progress – parking really seems to work for you! The back is looking neat to, but I suppose that’s the ‘going under stitches for more than three’, because most people I’ve seen parking don’t do that; but I suppose it’s what I’d do as well if I ever try it out ^_^

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