Cross Stitching: AF4 WIP 5

It’s been such a long time since I had an update on my stitching.When I checked the actual last post for a WIP it was in early November. Which is crazy. I’ve been madly stitching on AF4 in between all the cat naps and lazying. I had a mission to show my next WIP with the next page completed.

…and I did ^_^.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 7 (122114)

Tada! I’m now done with the 2nd page of AF4. Kyyaaa, I can’t believe how well this is coming out. It’s this formation of colors to become this cohesive work of art that’s making me melt. You see, when I began this project I was full of doubts. Would doing 1 over 1 work? How would I anchor all this thread? Will my back look like a complete mess? I was worried that I made wrong choices with how I would tackle this project. Yet, all my uncertainties are now gone at this point. I’ve got the confidence that I should have had when I began.

I did do some calculations for how many X’s we have, yet again. I think after each page I’ll do a tally. With this 2nd page there are 5,159 stitches. With a total of 9,933 stitches completed! And there are 286,200 stitches in total. Whew. I’m happy to say that this challenge just gears me up hehe.

Something new comes this way for 2015. I’ve almost acquired all the necessary evils for my new stitching project. Don’t worry, when I’ve got everything I’ll make a complete love post about it. Might not be a lot of thread porn…but you’ll get something.

Goodness guys, this will be a great week. With all this holiday spirit, and my vacation on my mind, it’s perked me right up. I hope everyone will have some type of joy this week.

To spread some smiles, I’ll share with you my complete song obsession of the month.

Every time I hear this it makes me happy haha. It’s such an amazingly fun and funky song.

Have a great week!



One thought on “Cross Stitching: AF4 WIP 5

  1. Wow, that page came along really well – I love those colorchanges; good work!

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