Happy Holidays!

Ooo…it’s a Wednesday and I’m posting…Ooo.

I didn’t do anything seasonal, blog wise, and I love this time of year! *Huffs* It’s unforgivable. So of course I have to make it up before it’s too late hehe.

My holiday celebration is Christmas. ‘Tis the season for being gushy. I get into that spirit and I can’t stop but want everyone around me to just be happy and smiling. Maybe I’m conditioned to feel this way through the years. If so, I can’t complain. ^_^

Everything’s been Christmas-fied at the house.

The tree is up.

Christmas 2014 a

There’s major handmade decorations going on.

Christmas 2014 c

Even the bathroom has a little something!

Christmas 2014 b

It’ll be sad to take everything down. It’s Christmas Eve after all. (Usually everything comes down at the beginning of the New Year in the house haha. It’s nice to have the decorations up.)

Whatever you’re celebrating this month be safe and happy holidays to everyone.

Best wishes and tons of warm fuzzies,



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