A New Cross Stitching Year

Wahhh, I am missing Christmas already. Don’t you? At least the New Year is the last hip hooray of the year. Jeez, it’ll be 2015 very soon. Can you believe it? This year went by really fast, in my opinion. It’s just a good time for a yearly reflection. I don’t have any new year resolutions. I don’t really favor deciding to make a goal that should have been made during the year before. It doesn’t take another year for me to self improve. Improvements happen as time continues to go, not at the beginning of a new year coming.

Speaking of a New Year…

I’ve decided to join a SAL, or a stitch-a-long. I’ve actually been really wanting to join one, but never found one to suit my needs. As a professional procrastinator, I really needed a SAL that was flexible. Thanks to my stitching friend, Leonore Winterer, I was able to find one that I can totally get with. It’s the 2015 WIPocalypse! The SAL’s very laid back and I get to check out other stitchers and watch their progress on any WIP’s they might accumulate. I really like finding new stitch bloggers and watching their progress ^_^.  I’m an introvert at heart, but since I’ve been blogging it’s opened me up to socializing with others online who enjoy the same hobby as I do. Many new bloggers to follow.

Have a great entrance into a new year guys!




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