#1 | 2015 WIPocalypse

It’s a new year, a fresh start, a warm cookie, a yawn in the morning, and a brighter sunrise. Sounds good doesn’t it? Maybe I should have written a “buttery” warm cookie. I love the right amount of that buttery taste in my cookies. Yep. That’s better. Oh! Forgot the milk too.

With this new start I’ve decided to join in on a SAL called the 2015 WIPocalypse, as I’ve stated in my last blog, and here is my first post. You can find all my WIPS here; except, for one more addition that’s to come soon. Other than that, I don’t expect anymore projects. My goal is to either finish one, KL perhaps mwuahaha, or get halfway finished with another, the HAED’s. A relaxed stitching year is all I want because the last one was stressful.

Now, I was on a little vacation and I didn’t do as much stitching as I said I would. Surprisingly, I’m okay with it. Haha. Yeah…me…I said that! Can you believe it? It’s progress ladies and gentlemen! It can be done.

Onto the good stuff.

Here’s an update on AF4.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 7.1 (010515)

I did one extra column here and the beginning of another. Parking is still smoothly working for me. I don’t know if I could go back. I did try to expand to two columns, but it was getting messy and complicated. It’s nice I tried, but just not ready to branch out to that yet. I also learned that if I’m parking quite the long way down I need to pay attention to the color of the thread. I ran a dark thread all the way down and it looks hideous. I made sure to run it under stitches as I moved down, that’s not the problem, but all the colors are very light and you can see that ugly dark color all the way down. I’m too ashamed of it this time around, but next time I’ll take a picture of the back. So, pay attention to your colors. It wouldn’t have been as bad if it was light under dark, but definitely DO NOT do too much running a dark under a light. Isn’t that cross stitch basics 101? Humiliating.

Have a great week guys!







10 thoughts on “#1 | 2015 WIPocalypse

  1. I’m really curious about your “parking” and have watched the videos, been advised by other stitchers on how to do it properly and it does sound like a good idea to me, but will have to cross that stitch when I come to it har har.

    I love HAED so watching them grow is a favorite pastime! I’m so glad I found your blog! It shows more than your submission on dA 😀

      • If you had time, would you be interested in doing a tutorial on parking for dA? We would definitely feature it on Stitching Pirates 😀

      • I was thinking of doing one later. I wanted to at least do 3 more pages and then do some insight. I figure by then my trail and errors would be sticking somehow haha. At least enough to guide someone.

  2. You made some nice progress again…with the speed you gained since starting parking, I think that halfway-goal is very doable for you. Gogogo! 😀

    • That’s another reason I didn’t like doing more than 10 a row. I think I’m just faster working in shorter rows. I think it’s doable too!

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