Cross Stitching: A New Project

Hey guys!

I finally acquired all, well almost…I forgot one floss type, of my materials for the HAED pattern I bought before Christmas. Now, it’s time for its unveiling. I’m not telling you which project I picked. I’ll tell you at the end. You have the opportunity to guess, or scroll down to see which I got you big cheaters haha, but you can probably tell by the color spread ^_^.  I don’t have any of the floss porn. Sorry. I was too excited and started winding all my new floss and setting everything up for the project.

New MB Floss

Plenty of new colors to go around. The old floss has to get along with the new now. I had some trouble putting them together. The old’s gotten so use to each other they were putting up such a fuss when the new one’s came in.

Then I cut all the floss and created all my symbols on my project cards.

MB Floss

I looveee all that floss.

Then of course, here’s the  big mamma jamma….the fabric.

MB Fabric

Yes, I took the plunge and bought some dark fabric. I got it from 123stitch. Of course I can’t rave enough about 123stitch. I like the way they send their fabric already fixed up for you by stitching the edges. It’s really nice not to have to do that.

123Stitch Edges

This time,  I didn’t get my floss from 123stitch, because I went to JoAnn’s Fabrics for my floss. I needed my other materials and thought it’d be cheaper. With gas prices the way they are, a nice 35 minute trip to JoAnn’s isn’t too bad.

Funny story about getting my floss.

When I went to go get my floss I just reached into the bins and pulled out the floss. I didn’t check to make sure they were all correct. I assumed the bins wouldn’t have mixed floss. I was VERY wrong. Why are people just putting the floss in whatever bin they want? I was at the register when I realized not all of the floss was right. I felt awful for the cashier and myself. She had to take them all off and I had to gather all my floss and go back.  When I went back to get all my correct floss, I made certain that all that I did not need went back into their correct habitats. It didn’t take that long. I didn’t want someone else to go through that problem, but I’m sure they’d be smart enough to check beforehand. Lesson here…check your floss before putting it in your bag because you might have an “uh oh” floss. Whew.

Now that my rant about floss bins is over…the fabric! I was very surprised it was this dark. I didn’t want a completely black fabric, but I didn’t want anything too light. I thought it’d be dark but it’d be a smidgen lighter a grey.

MB Charcoal Fabric

I did a mock stitch and loved how I could see my colors and needle. I don’t think it’ll be too hard to stitch on, but I’ll let you know once I start stitching.

And if you haven’t guessed which project I’m working on next….*drum roll*….it’s Madama Butterfly!

Madama Butterfly

I didn’t care which project I started on. I only had enough money to spare on 1 pattern. The only fair way to choose was to decide by the floss. Madama Butterfly had less floss I had to buy. So…it won.

The only question is…when will I start on her? Not sure, but whenever I do I’ll let you all know.


MB Kit

Have a great week!



20 thoughts on “Cross Stitching: A New Project

  1. Great post! I may have to go to 123stitch for my fabric from now on because I don’t have a sewing machine so usually just buy my fabric bigger so it can fray a bit as I stitch. I think those colors will look great on that fabric!

  2. This is going to look phenomenal – can’t wait to see updates!
    I have my heart set on the Chimera Black Rose pattern by HAED – desperate to get my hands on it! 🙂

  3. Wow, that will be insanely awesome when you finish it. I love all those shades of red and I think they’ll really pop against the charcoal background. I’m impressed – a project that size would freak me out a bit. I look forward to seeing your progess whenever you start it:)

    • After I’ve been working on AF4 for a bit I’ve got my nerves calmed on tackling something this big. Then again, I’m still intimidated…just a wee bit haha.

  4. Oh, that is going to be gorgeous. A tip from someone who’s spent years cussing at dark cloth: Get a white pillowcase or a large piece of white cloth, even a light-colored pillow, and set it up so it’s behind your cloth while you’re working (on your lap if you’re working in hand). It will save you a lot of misery. If you’re working on a stand, lighting it from underneath can be very helpful, too.

    • Thank you for that advice!!! I’ve been looking at the cloth different ways and I’m getting a little worried about what to do if it does get harder to see the holes, and etc. Do you find, even with the misery, working on dark cloth better or lighter?

      • I no longer can; keratoconus fixed that for me. No dark cloth regardless of count, and no cloth of any color higher than 16. I did three projects on black or navy over the years, which is probably a good measure of how much I’ve disliked working on it; I’ve been stitching for about 30 years. The results have been gorgeous, but the hassles were many. I think the payoff on yours will outweigh the hassles.

  5. I have ordered a lot from and I love their service. I can see that the fabric is 25 count but what kind is it? I know what you mean about the floss. I have been in stores where it is very well organized and others that are a jumbled mess.

    • Oh, I totally forgot to say what type of fabric I bought. It’s Lugana. It’s been a very easy fabric to work with. Well…so far while working on my AF4 project. Ugh, I tell you what…I’ll never not check my floss before I buy it ever again lol. No matter where I go for it. Especially this JoAnn’s.

  6. Aw, I was kinda hoping for the horsey…but this one is pretty as well! Do you know how you wirotate between this and AF4 already?

    • I think I’ll rotate by month whenever I start on MB. That’s the plan…yep. Haha, I didn’t even think about how I’d work that out until I read this! But, I think doing a month each sounds…good. Right?

  7. Oh, she is beautiful!! Can’t wait to see your progress on her. Love your story about the floss bins. What is WRONG with people?? I wish we had a server at The Black Cat Stitchery. That is very nice to get your fabric that way. We are not able to do that for customers… Sigh.

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