Slow Trails on AF4

I’m playing with titles here. It’s a growing process to bring out my personality through my blog. Not to say I wasn’t trying to do that,mind you. I’d just like to express myself a little more than what I’ve been. So far, I’ve been a tad shy. Not a lot…

…a lot

…a lot

Just a tad. So, things might become different than usual as I get comfortable with this and some hot coco. There should totally be emphasis on HOT COCOA, even if the weather has been on the warm side. I love the cold. Just love it! And this weather is driving me batty. Yes, its been cold, but not as cold as it has been. I live in Virginia, USA and in my area it was in the 20’s/30’s the week before. Now, it’s in the late 40’s/ early 50’s. Not saying that’s not cold. I just want freezing. Eh, there’s still plenty of time for the temperature to drop a few degrees. I’m crossing my fingers for a good snow day ^_^.

A good snow day would make for lovely stitching weather *hehe*.

Speaking of stitching, I did stitch on AF4. It’s been a slow stitch. I got caught up reading. I have a Kindle Paperwhite (that I absolutely love to death) and I hadn’t read anything on it in months. I pulled her out last Monday and found my joy of reading again. I have a couple of books, but I’m currently reading The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks. It’s a fantasy novel and Book 1 of a trilogy. I really like it so far…as I’m on Chapter 7.

I don’t really have a specific genre of books I like to read. I think. I’m not sure. Usually I do favor gay/lesbian romance novels if they’re good. (I’m a mega secreted yaoi manga fan fyi.) I also just like plain romance, depending. When I was younger I loved a good horror, but that fizzled off as I grew up. Though, I love me a good horror/gore movie.

In the past 3 years, the fantasy reading genre has slowly been added to my reading repertoire.

(I have to point out that I am not a fan of this futuristic, new-aged, young adult, apocalyptic, and dystopian fantasy that’s been popular in the last few years. It’s not even something I would pick up just to balance a wobbly table leg on. Not saying the writing isn’t done well, but I don’t enjoy reading it and that’s that.)

I do like all the other fantasy because I, myself, love writing detailed narratives and fantasy novels, or the good ones, fit that to a T. I enjoy stretching out imagery with formulated descriptions using words. When I write I place myself so far into my story that I have to become my characters and act out what they’d do. I have to take in every single sense that’s shooting through them. It’s pointless to not write that detail in my mind. When I apply all this together, I don’t see why not create my own world while I do it. So why not try dabbing in my own fantastical world?  I did try writing a little bit, if you read the unfinished No Manual For Love, and lost my inspiration down the road. Now with reading this novel by Brent Weeks, it’s awakening my writing spirit.

It’s a good thing.

I went on a tangent haha. Okay! Enough about books and writing. I’ll go ahead and show you what progress I made on AF4.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 7.2 (011815)

I finished the column I showed you all last time. Again, I’ve been slow to stitch on this because of distractions. Now I’m currently debating on how to proceed. I either want to try doing two columns at a time again or stick with the one column. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions.

Have a great week guys!



3 thoughts on “Slow Trails on AF4

  1. Nice excursion to literature and books…I like almost all genres myself, so I can relate (even though I do like dystopian fantasy as well, if it’s good). The Way of Shadows sounds interesting, and I think someone else just recommended this to me not too long ago…weill have to keep it in mind.

    So your story was actually called ‘No manuAl for love’? I started reading it back when you posted it and was a bit confuse by the title ‘No ManuEl for love’, because I couldn’t find out who the hell Manuel was…

    Great progress on AF4 too! I think I would stick do doing one column at a time for quicker results, but if you want to try two, just do it, there’s nothing to lose and you will know what you like better afterwards!

    • Ooo nnoooo! I never noticed that typo! I had to go and fix that. Wow. It’s no wonder. Yea…was suppose to be Manual lol. Not Manuel. >_<.

      Thanks for that. ^_^

  2. Kindle Paperwhite…I have one as well and it IS lovely! Perfect size, perfect weight, I can read in the dark if I want to…and while I was reading your blog I had to hold mine and give it some love!

    If you need an idea of what to read next..THE MARTIAN…very funny all the way through 😀

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