Hello, My Name is Depression

Hey guys.

No update this Monday. I haven’t been stitching on anything since last week. I’ve been very depressed. I’m sure it’s been because of the warmth in weather that’s been happening last week. Oh, when I’m saying I’m depressed it’s not a normal state of depression by the way. It’s a long story, but I use to be severely depressed when I was in my adolescence and that went through my teens and early adult years. It’s been about 7 years since I’ve overcome a hell of a lot of those sad days. And those sad days happened every day of every year. Life’s been much kinder for me since then and it’s been satisfying to think I’ve beat it. But…I can still have days where I just want to wiggle into bed and sleep all day.

Maybe to some, this just sounds normal.

When it happens to me it’s not.

My depression is anything but the norm. When I say I want to wiggle into bed…I can wiggle into bed and stay there for 3 days straight. I use to stay in the bed much longer way back when. I can’t stay in bed for 3 days now. I have work responsibilities. It’s my positive right now. It makes me get up in the morning and push through this depressive state.  I just I don’t want to talk to anyone or do anything when at work.

I just want to sleep.

I’m not sure how long I’ll be like this, honestly. If I’m like this for another week I’ll probably have to set up an appointment some time soon. I don’t see it lasting that long. It usually doesn’t last so long. The last time this happened was in the beginning of spring of last year. I think it only lasted 2 weeks. You can try all you might to break through it (trust me I definitely try to break the cycle) but some times you have to reach out a hand and ask for help. I’m not afraid to ask.

Enough of my moping.

I hope you all enjoy this week.



4 thoughts on “Hello, My Name is Depression

  1. I have that same thing….ever watched Excalibur over and over again? It works for me when I’m way down below even the lowest levels. I’m really glad you are not afraid to ask for help ❤ My heart is with you during your down time! ❤

    • Thanks so much, Carla, for your kind words. I’m pushing through and feel somewhat better today, not as much but it’s something. Thanks again ^_^.

  2. Being ready to ask for help is a very good thing with depressions. I think it means you actually are stronger than the depression, because you already want to beat it, and you WILL. I’m wishing you all the best, to get through this slump quite soon!

    • Thank you, Leonore.

      Yeah, when I was in my teens I despised the idea of seeking help. I was young. I really did hit a bottom before I decided to speak to anyone. Then there was denial after understanding the problem. That was rough. Once I accepted and understood I’m not alone…it truly became a battle. It got better. And it sucks hearing that from people! That it’ll get better. I use to hate when people told me that. But, now I understand. You have to not give up…dig deep…and it’ll get better. Haha. If I could only tell my stubborn past self that. I might have gotten better sooner.

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