It’s February? You lie!

The month of February has a cometh. It’s unexpected how fast January came and went. I want months to go by at a snail’s pace. Not looking forward to my birthday sneaking up on me. I’ll be 28 and it dawned on me that it’s closer to 30. However, 30 doesn’t sound bad. It’s the thought of getting older that causes my mind to go to havoc. It happened when I was getting in my mid-20’s (like when I turned 25). The scare is, I just don’t want to look back and think, “What did I really do with my life when I was 27?” Just let me go without having a past regret and fill it with things I really want to do.

You know?

Anyone else fear, or dread, the next age in their birthdays?  Just curious.

By the way, I’m doing much better. I did another column of AF4.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 7.3 (020115)

I have to be honest; I am getting sick of stitching the blue tones. It’ll be nice to work with some different colors as I move over. There’s only three columns (actually two full 10-row columns and one, 6-row column) left. Then I only have one more page until I meet the edge.

I can’t wait!

I’ve been shifting eyes to Madama Butterfly, MB, lately. It’s calling me to stop neglecting it. So….I might start some stitching on MB this week. Eh, who are we kidding…I’m sure I’ll start stitching on it this week (^__^).

You guys have a great week. I have some serious catching up on blogs to do this week.



13 thoughts on “It’s February? You lie!

  1. You’re not alone. I’m turning 29 this year and I’m dealing with the same issue. I think it might be pretty common for people our age. Happy early birthday!

  2. Birthdays are the worst! Thank goodness you have a blog though, because it’s documented proof what you’re doing with your hours on this Earth.

  3. Getting older is both exciting and frightening to me, I cn never really decide 😀

    Beautiful progress on your stitching again,I can understand that you’re getting tired of the blues, but at least there are some reds in there as well ^_^

  4. My sweet girl! I didn’t much like my 20’s, really did not like my 30’s but loved my 40’s! This year will be my 50th…yes the big 50! I’m curious to see what my 50’s have going 😀

    Just to nag a little bit, goals or not, if you are feeling tired of something you are stitching, please put it down and stitch something else so when you do go back to the first project your love of it has had time to return 😀

    Happy Birthday when it happens! I feel a RAK coming on….so let’s say you are over on HAED or on the Tilton site and there is something there you cannot live without, you just let me know and it will be yours 😀

    • I hope it didn’t sound like I was feeling tired with AF4. It was soooo much blue…colors were making my eyes see blue everything. Haha. I learned my lesson from trying to work on KL when I was not into it. Took me a while to understand it’s okay to put it away until you “feel” like it. It’s a hobby! Lol. No wiser words were told to me.

      Awww to the RAK. I wish I had something I really wanted >_<.

  5. My birthday is on the tenth I don’t mind getting older but when my sister in law last year said I was half way to 50 I got a little sad but just for a sec wonder what she will say to me this year

  6. Such gorgeous detail on your WIP – I know what you mean about getting sick of the same shades. I’m finding this with one of my projects at the moment, so much so, I’ve had to put it back in the spare/craft room for the time being!

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