An Abrupt Stitch

I did it! It’s been done!

I’ve been secretly stitching on MB (^_^).

It’s been a little secret, but it’s out now. I wanted to do one column and didn’t have time the past two days to finish up the last 10 rows (>_<). Now that I finished it, I can show it off.

Madama Butterfly 1 (021015)

This was started on the top left corner, or the first page of the pattern, and I’m surprised at the colors. I keep looking at the colored picture, of the pattern, and I just can’t get the purples at the corner. I’m seeing darks and blues on the patterns picture so…I’m confuzzeled haha. I’m sure it’ll all come together. It’s just strange to me.

I also have sooo much fabric for this project. There will be tons of space on the top and bottom when this is completed. I feel guilty because it’s excessive. I might need the super extra bits when I frame, maybe. If I don’t need it, I’ll figure some fun way to use the extra. I can’t be wasteful.

When I was stitching the majority of this, I was enjoying my Saturday watching a marathon of Cops. I always watch some horror movie I’ve seen before or I watch a marathon of a show. Usually, I like shows like Law and Order, Cops, The First 48, or North Woods Law while I stitch. Hehe, usually it’s Cops and Law and Order. And NO not the other branches of Law and Order, just the regular one. And that’s only if there’s not a good horror movie to watch.

Do you usually stitch when you watch TV or watch a movie? What do you like to watch? If you don’t do stitching while doing either…when do you like to stitch?

Happy Stitching!



7 thoughts on “An Abrupt Stitch

  1. I watch movies or tv marathons. Right now I’m watching a marathon of Dance Moms. My movie choices are usually romantic comedies.

  2. I used to binge on screen time during my stitch sessions, but then I found my eyes were getting sore and I wasn’t as focused. Now I listen to podcasts and I don’t think I could go back. Something about listening feels more active mentally, even while I focus on my work.

  3. I love the colors you have going so far and cannot wait to see what happens after more is stitched 😀

    Audio books, binge watching tv series, or movies like LOTR…series movies if that makes sense. Mostly Audio books…you don’t have to watch those 😀

  4. If i am working on a simple project, I usually binge watch Daria, Bones or Big Bang Theory. Or I go with movie series like Star Wars, Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit. If I am working on a difficult project then I will listen to audio books or either classical music or soft jazz.

    I really should stick with the classical or jazz as I feel like I stitch faster. When there are new videos up on youtube from people I subscribe to then I watch those as well.

    Your piece is looking great 🙂 can’t wait to see progress! Love finding out what everyone listens or watches while stitching.

  5. This looks lovely, especially the contrast tothe darker fabric 🙂 I constantyly talk about what I watch while stitching, so you should already know haha 😀

  6. The tv is usually on while I am stitching because of the habits of other people in my house. How much I pay attention to the tv depends on how complicated the design is that I am working on. We watch a lot of cop drama shows like Law and Order SVU, NCIS, Castle, Criminal Minds, etc. and also sports–I am a huge football and college basketball fan. But if my teams are playing I cannot be stitching at the same time. The start to your piece is great. I would have a difficult time doing a large design on black fabric.

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