#3 | 2015 WIPocalypse

I know, I know, I know….where’s #2 WIPocalypse??

I believe the part of my brain to remember to do the February post, went on vacation. Not just any vacation! It went on an excursion so far away that it had a faint smell of something alien. It boldly went where no brain piece dared to go. A galaxy far, far away perhaps? (I was trying to do a Leonard Nimoy dedication here, but ended up sounding like something for Star Wars, oh well).

Wherever my mind went, I forgot to do it. Thus, I skipped to #3.

The question of the month is, “If money – and time- were not limiters, what projects would be on your stitching bucket list?

I, unfortunately, do not have any stitching projects in mind besides the ones I’m currently working on. But, I gave the question a very serious thought. If I had money, plus time of course, I would want to do a mass project with the biggest fabric ever and stitch a collage of artwork from my favorite artists. It’d be one of those epic cross stitching projects that no man shall ever lay eyes on again!


If not the biggest fabric ever, since realistically that’d be uncomfortable to work with, I would just patch them together as I go. And I want them big! I always go big (^_^). I would pick which artwork to do, first. Then proceed to stitch away. Would be fun, no? For me…yes! This is only if I had all the time in the world. It’s still attainable, but at this point I have my hands full with the projects I have hehe. Maybe something for the old bank (brain?) later.

Drum roll……..

On to the WIPS! (This is really for everyone just interested in the Wipocalypse updates.)

First is AF4. I came quite the ways from the first.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 7.1 (010515)

January WIP

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 7.3 (020115)

March WIP

Then, I started working on Madama Butterfly, MB, in the month of February. Here’s my progress so far.

Madama Butterfly 1.1 (030315)

For everyone whose seen my progress, I haven’t been doing much stitching. Might have gotten in about 500 stitches, at least. Hooray for March. Let’s get her going.

Happy Stitching!



4 thoughts on “#3 | 2015 WIPocalypse

  1. I would love to see all of your cross stitch put together into one EPIC piece! That would be incredibly awesome 😀 Lovely progress on these two tho.

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