Stitchy Treasures

Finally I’m back to posting on Monday again. I did NOT like posting on Tuesday. I have no idea why I made that switch. It happened so naturally that I went with the change. But nope. Mondays are for me.

March has become a great stitching month so far. (I have to thank Leonore for sprinkling magic stitching dust at the beginning of March because I’m a stitching mad woman!) There’s more progress with AF4.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 7.5 (031515)

You see that new column that I started? It’s the last one for this page. Yep, you heard right. I’m going to done with page 3 really soon teehee. Once I finish this page, there’s only 1 more left until I meet the edge of the left side of the pattern. I can’t wait to post that as an update next week.

With that summed up, I wanted to share a stash item. I didn’t even know I had one! I found it when I was cleaning out some storage boxes I had in my room.

Tulip Trio FrontFront

Tulip Trio BackBack

Tulip Trio was a gift to me from my sister on my birthday. I think it was the same year I started stitching again in 2012. Instead of going back into that storage box, I’m now placing it in my drawer with all my cross stitching things. This time, it won’t be wedged between all my odds and ends. I think I’ll sew it one of these days and when finished…give it to my sister as a gift. She’d love that. (^_^)

Have you ever found something that became a pleasant surprise to find once again? I often lose things around the house. When I do a big clean of my room, especially, I’m always surprised to find items I thought I’d never see again.

Have a great week guys!



4 thoughts on “Stitchy Treasures

  1. And nice progress again – yay for almost a page finish! I love finding suprises while cleaning, I just happened to find some money in christmas cards I was about to put away! That tulips kit is gorgeous, I hope you’ll have lots of fun stitching that 🙂

  2. That’s the only reason I clean.

    I often find money, crafts to finish, things I have been looking for for years, things I never knew I lost.

    It’s like a game deep clean here and win a prize.

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