Growth Takes Patience

I’m currently doing a soul-searching journey.

It all started in the middle of last week. I was talking to a friend of mine when I realized how immature the conversation had become. It wasn’t a negative conversation, we weren’t gossiping. The conversation structure was based on her explaining why she recently broke up with her boyfriend. Really, there wasn’t much logic in her thinking. Well…it probably did to her. To me all her reasoning even sounded immature. I had this incredibly boring urge and felt in that moment that I’ve outgrown her. It hasn’t been just her recently. It’s been other people as well. I like to be very free-spirited and talk about things that don’t matter as much as the next person, but it’s just that it seems like that’s all they talk about. Where’s the conversations that aren’t so visceral? I’ve tried expanding the normal topic of conversation once…and it turned out horribly. After that I just didn’t try putting in the effort when they clearly don’t want to slip it in.

Now, I do get to have “adult” conversations. One of my closest friends lives in another state and we only get to talk once every couple of months. When we chat we tell catch-up stories. She loves her job and talks about advancing in her career and possibly moving into her own place. We even discuss savings and what she wants to invest in. I like these conversations. Even when I have no idea what she might be talking about, mostly it’s about the company she works in, I like her explaining how this and that works. It’s pretty exciting!

I wonder if this is a point in my life called growth. Growing as a human being.

It also gets me thinking more about things other than the “hum drum”. (Yes, I know I’m quoting it up here lol) Like about my career and where I want it. I can’t discuss this with these friend I think I’ve outgrown. Yet, now that I’ve realized this I need some time to think about it. This change has me in search of my own answers. About myself. It’s thrilling because I feel like it’s a great step for someone whose never thought she could be serious, especially about her future, and scary because the territory is completely new.

Thanks to another friend, I’m following her advice on a way to reflect and figure out me. She’s a very spiritual person and I absolutely trust her enough to ask for this help. She’s done far many more spiritual journeys than her years on this planet. She suggests many different things like light workouts, yoga, meditation, sticking to veggies and fruits, staying away from gadgets, and spending more time outside (since it’s going to be great weather this week) to just reflect. I’m hoping for an epiphany of some kind. If I don’t have one that’s alright because this is going to be positive enough to affect my own feeling about my life.

So this is why there’s no stitch update. I didn’t have the time to stitch with so much personal things happening so fast. I want to tailor my blog a little bit once I get back as well. Next week,I will have the page done on AF and work on the last one. (^_^). I’m hoping to participate in building a sweat lodge in my friends, the one whose helping me out on my reflection, backyard. Yay!

I’m excited to begin this soul-searching, self-finding, spiritual thing. I shall be back, a better me.

Have an enriching week!



4 thoughts on “Growth Takes Patience

  1. I recently went through something similar though it’s with a newly divorced friend. It’s hard to accept when it happens but when it does it’s just best to move on – kind of liking pulling off a bandaid, it’s best done quickly.

    • Yes! It was difficult for me to wrap my head around. Then it just dragged on and became an obligation to stay friends when there’s no reason to. It was a really new experience haha. Now I know it’s okay to just move on.

    • Thanks! I really never saw myself getting to this point and now that I have…it feels like I can conquer the world in a sense. Yesh,why didn’t anyone ever tell me about this! (^_^)

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