Crosses to Make

This is my last week of my searching excursion. It’s been very fun and I’ve learned a hell of a lot. This week won’t be as enlightening as my last one. This week is to take into practice what I’ve learned and apply it for myself. I think this will be the most difficult. I’m not having my hand-held and it is truly a step to take on my own. After this, the testing will truly begin as I apply it to my life. I swear this has been such an eye-opening experience. Even if I wish I went through this sooner, I’m glad I’m going through it now. I’m also glad for my guide/friend who has taken her time to help me through this because I needed it. (^_^) Yay to good friends.

I did finish stitching the page on AF4.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 8 (033015)

I added 4,774 stitches to this project. Bringing the total to 14,707 stitches thus far!

This was a challenging final columns. It had multiple colors to work with and each row had 15 stitches. I think my searching week influenced the progress of it too. But it’s done now.

As I’m not allowed to be online, per instruction of my guide/friend to only lessen my activities with electronics (I’m actually only allowed 10 minutes in the morning and evening while I’m doing this searching excursion), I’m keeping this exceptionally short. As we slide into April I give best wishes to you all and have a happy and fulfilling week.



2 thoughts on “Crosses to Make

  1. Your pace finish is looking awesome, congratulations! I love the new peachy colors that are showing up on the side there šŸ™‚

    I’m glad for you that your self-defining journey seemes to work out well for you. But I do hope you end up being online a bit more again, I would miss you if you were to disappear from the stitching/blooing world here šŸ™‚

    • Thanks :). Don’t worry I’m not going to disappear. It’s only for this two weeks. All part of the growing experience.

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