A Step Closer

How’s everyone been? It’s been relatively quiet on my end.

I started to dab into reading over the past week and met my writing muse. Now I have a big itch to write. I’ve got two story lines in my head and just want to spend an entire day doing outlines for both. It’s a funny thing because I’ve got too many unfinished stories. My usual dedication to write has no initial outcome. I don’t have a structure how I want it to end because it’s fun imagining what happens from A to Z. This time I want to try something different by creating the bones, or outcome, of what I’m creating from my mind. Knowing me, I’ll have fun writing it down either way.

Well I can’t very well end this post without showing the update on AF4 (^_^). That would be a sick and twisted thing to do!

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 8.2 (041215)

The pro on finishing this column finally is it’s finished. Previously, I panicked a little on doing 15 stitches per row. Once I took that deep breath and exhaled, it wasn’t so bad. Now I get to go back to my usual 10 and it’s a familiar place to return. Goodbye you darn 15 stitches a row and you’ll frustrate me again next time.

Have a shining week. (Whatever that means hehe)




7 thoughts on “A Step Closer

  1. I love your continuation on your path to enlightenment! Writing is always cathartic as you well know so don’t stop for any reason (except cross stitch..there must always be cross stitch)

    • I’m surprised after being back home that I’m able to actually. This is my second full week of continuation and it’s like breathing. The reservations I had once I came home didn’t even appear.

  2. Looking great, congrats on the column finish! And yay for writing, I should do that again some time as well but somehow I don’t really ‘get’ into it at the moment…

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