Balancing Mind and Body

It’s the beginning of a new week and I realize that May is right around the corner. I hoped to be complete with this AF4 page but I’ve been slow to stitch on it this past week. That’s because I’ve been exploring meditation and yoga.

Yes, you heard right…meditation and yoga!

I learned the basics from when I was self searching and hadn’t mingled it back into my daily life yet. Last week I needed a moment of clarity and sought out meditation. When I tried hunkering back into it, I had a wandering mind and it was very hard to focus on breathing and just relaxing the body. Lets be honest…I couldn’t even remember how to breathe correctly (the way I learned was to inhale from stomach, to sternum, to top of sternum and exhale the opposite way). I gave up 15 minutes into it the first time I tried last week. It was disappointing because it felt like my body was fighting with my mind and vice-verse. It’s not a good way to find your calm. I thought about what the problem could be and I figured I needed to try and balance mind and body. The best way to do that is with some yoga.

Unable to remember so much from my searching weeks, I gave Youtube a chance. That’s  when I found the little delight known as Adriene. Her channel’s called Yoga with Adriene and she provides really nice yoga videos to help even the beginners in us all. I would like to take her 30-day Yoga Challenge, but when I tried Day 1 I was unable to do the movements and poses properly. That’s okay though! Adriene has the perfect thing for building the foundations. It’s a nice little playlist, here, that compiles instructions on how to do poses that are frequently used with the yoga practice. Once I can find my calm I’ll try the 30-day Challenge. The most important thing is to “find what feels good”. (Ahem, Adriene says that a lot but I love it because it’s true!)

Yoga is a work in progress. I feel myself struggling to have everything to work as one. I have problems even crossing my legs because if feels painful, but at the same time when I relax, breathe, and come together….I don’t feel the pain. I had problems with this when I initially began it in the first place on my journey. Once you learn how to let everything work together it’s such a pleasant feeling, very euphoric, when it happens.

I really never thought that I’d be into yoga and never believed that it can work, a skeptic at its best, but now my opinion has changed. It’s worth a try if you’ve never tried. I can now properly mediate longer, 25 minutes, as well after doing some yoga. It’s done wonders for my mood. I feel super cheery. A natural high. Can I say that? (^_^).

Now as I stated before, AF4 hasn’t been stitched much but here’s an update on her.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 8.3 (041915)

I’m super glad I’m back to the 10 stitch row! I flow better this way. If I find ample enough time, I’m sure to see a faster stitching pace.  Ah guys, I feel so amazing that I hope you all pull together and feel amazing too this week.







4 thoughts on “Balancing Mind and Body

  1. Beautiful progress, you’ll be done with this page in no time!

    Your excursions into yoga and meditation are pretty interesting – I tried yoga before (once in a lesson and then some on Wii Fit :D) and kinda enjoyed it. Thanks for linking those videos, I might try them out eventually 🙂 I’m not really into meditation (that’s what I do cross stitch for 😉 ), but I like the flexibility part of yoga, that’s something I should really work on 🙂

    • Go and give yoga another try. (^_^). It’s enjoyable and I’ve definitely seen some flexibility improvements since I’ve started.

  2. I’ve been considering yoga as well lately and you have now given me more inspiration to do so! I think the 30 day challenge is just what I need 😀 Baby steps for all things!

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