Something to Make You Smile


There’s really no post today. I’ve been wiped out from work over the past week. When I get off I just want to take a nap, work-out, eat dinner, and read. When I had time off I napped, watched TV, and wrote a little. I decided to finish one of my stories, that I have a couple of chapters for, instead of starting on two new writing projects. I complied a great outline and even started reworking the first chapter. Whenever I get through at least 4 chapters I’ll make sure to post.

Now, to help cast a happy spell on you guys for the week, enjoy this wonderful playlist that’s bound to put a smile on your face.

This is Simon’s Cat. I found it when I was looking for tutorials on YouTube ( I mean really how great is YouTube for finding help with things). I love cats and the cartoons just made me go “d’awww”.

Enjoy the week everyone!



5 thoughts on “Something to Make You Smile

  1. I love Simon’s cat, those clips are hillarious! I’ve been meaning to ask, what is your work that keeps stressing you so much? If you don’t mind sharing, that is.

    • They are! I like how the creator seriously created a cat that does cat things haha. I’m an administrator at a college. I wouldn’t call it stress though. It’s more of exhaustion. I am around students and other people often when I work. I can handle being around people and carrying on conversations and interacting, but I am an introvert and too much of that just drains me. At the beginning and end of semester (this is the last week of classes and then students have finals next week) are usually the times I’m just exhausted at the end of the day because I’m around so many people and have to interact with them. I just feel drained after all that. If only I could sit down and do all the work load that happens this time of year without too much interaction…I’d be a happier gal haha. I love the work part (^_^).

      • Oh, I can totally relate to that – I’m not a fan of interacting much myself, it does drain me myself. But if those exhausting parts are only a few weeks at a time, I guess it’s managable ^_^

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