A Stitch Here, A Stitch There

Guess what? I actually did an entire column this past week? Can you believe it? I know I can’t. Before I went to bed, I put in a little stitch time (I missed it!) and soon finished another column.

Here it is:

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 8.5 (051015)

When working on this new column I’m starting to use some “shiny” thread. I already used a gold color on the hand.

Shiny Gold

I did try to take a picture of the other color, but it’s far to light to show. You couldn’t tell the difference in the pictures. The gold does stand out though. The other color you can see sparkle only at certain angles.

Specialty threads

I do find them difficult to put them in the eye of my needle, as well. They do split and break in different directions too. So, I try to stitch as much as I can in a small space. A teeny cheat for myself. If I didn’t these threads might drive me mad. Anyone out there have any hints/tips with using threads like these? I might just be too rough with them.

This is my last busy week at work. I can’t wait to have some time to stitch more. I’ve been substituting my cross stitch with meditation. I find myself, after work, looking to center myself and the meditation does just that. Who am I kidding, I’m addicted to meditating haha. Is that possible? I get super happy when I know I’m going to have quiet time to do it. Then again…I’ve got lots to make me happy as of late. Oh gosh, what am I even hinting at on that one. I wonder. (^_^).

Alright guys have a good week. Make sure to get some you time in your daily routine.




6 thoughts on “A Stitch Here, A Stitch There

  1. You do have to be very careful with metallics; they’re fragile, and there’s really no way around that. I’ve found two things help: Work with much shorter strands than you usually do; it cuts down on tangling and breakage. Also, if you can find a cake of beeswax, its a miracle-worker. I have one in a case made for this purpose; you run the floss through a slot in the case and get a light coating of wax on it. It doesn’t seem to do any harm to the metallic effect, but the floss is strengthened and much less likely to tangle or break.

    • Would the beeswax do anything to the fabric I’m using? That would be my only concern when trying this out. Other than that, I do like the idea.

      • I’ve never had it do anything; it doesn’t seem to scrape off, and the layer that goes on the floss is very thin.

  2. Congrats on the column finish – see, slow and steady does the job as well! I didn’t even know HAED used metallics in their designs, I know they can be quite a hassle to handle but you’ve been doing great!

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