Remembering to Breathe

I challenged myself last week to try Day 1 of Adriene’s “30 Days of Yoga” journey.

Taking on Day 1 was completely spontaneous. One day, after work, I was listening to music and the urge to do yoga just came. I didn’t want to learn the pose foundations, as I have been doing up to now, but some actual changing-into-different-types-of-poses-to-flow-and-calm type of yoga. My inner me was cheering for it and the energy was there. So, I put on my yoga outfit, did a little stretching, sat down, and watched the video. Nothing could stop me.

Well…nothing really did haha. Sorry that’s so lackluster. I made it through. It wasn’t a pretty making it through, but I finished it on day one just fine. What made it not so pretty? Well, and this just might sound silly to some of you, I just forgot how to breathe. It’s not a joke. I exhausted myself because I wasn’t breathing properly. I got extremely tired not even halfway through and had to take a break. I felt fine physically. I just couldn’t catch my breath.

While I sat there confused on my carpeted floor, I remembered when I began running in 2013. Years ago, you couldn’t even get me to do a whole minute of running. Now, I can almost run two miles without stopping. That accomplishment took incredible determination and focus. You’d be surprised how much there is to learn about running. There’s your posture, the correct spot to try to land your foot, wearing the right shoes, and breathing to take into consideration. All of them can greatly increase the ease of running. It took me a long time to step on the bottom of my feet correctly. It took me even longer to manage my breathing. When I run, I found that what works for me best is to sing/hum to a song while I run. This eases my breathing correctly and lets me run longer. If I don’t have music I must remember to exhale from my stomach. That’s the breathing techniques that worked for me when I run now.

Once I remembered all this during my break, I resumed the video and focused on breathing. And guess what? It was still difficult, but I wasn’t out of breath or as exhausted. There were moments, like when Adriene says don’t panic and I totally panicked, but I remembered to…just breathe…and it had such a calming effect.

Practicing what I learned that first day has been paying off. I did Day 1, three times last week. This week I’m going to move to Adriene’s Day 2. I think instead of doing it by day I’ll work it by week.

Now if only I could remember to breathe when I’m doing TurboFire. Now that’s a whole other thing haha.

Have a wonderful week everyone. Did you learn anything new about yourself the past week?



One thought on “Remembering to Breathe

  1. Congrats on completing the first day of the challenge! I think changing the day weekly is a good idea, you can practise the poses a bit more and don’t run out of new stuff so fast ^_^

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