Mirrored Comparisons

I hope you all are having a good Memorial Day. It is a day for remembrance and I even take time out to just utter a thanks for those who died for serving in the armed forces. I can do that.

AF4 is getting close to finishing.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 8.6 (052515)

Two more columns to go and I smile at the thought. I’m feeling very emotional about completing this. Why? It’s become a comparison to my recent transformation. It’s an end of a start, but a start to a new beginning. I will just finish to the edge here, but I still have more to go. A reflection of my life. Even as I sit at my laptop and try to think of a better way to explain this I just can’t. I didn’t even think about it until just a sentence or so ago and I got teary eyed. Yes, this is what it means to me. I’ll probably cry a little on that last stitch when I finish this edge. The thought alone is getting to me.

Have a good one.




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