Stitch Update on AF4

Hey! I know I didn’t post last week. I have a fantastic reason. My dad came to visit and so I spent family time with him  (^_^).

I absolutely 100% love my dad. I cried when he had to go home to TX. I talk to him on the phone all the time, but to have him here physically is just the best. Yes, I’m a total daddies girl hehe.

Even with the visiting I did manage to complete the 2nd to last column! *Dun dun duuunn*

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 8.7 (060715)

I have a dubious plot. Instead of starting from the top and working my way down I’m going to start at the bottom and keep working my way up. And up. And up. And up. Until I get to the top of the pattern. Why am I doing this? Well I just like stitching to the right, I’m right-handed, and going down. It’s easier. I think this is why some people start from the corner and work on down. It’s a nice flow.

I’m also planning where I want to go once I finish this little edge. I’d rather stitch up on this one column and not worry about doing it ever again. Do you know how awkward it is to try stitching a different way when cross stitching? I can adjust, but stitching upwards is difficult.

Oh! You better believe all my stitches are still flowing and all my X’s are the same lol. It won’t look wonky. Trust me. You know me :-p.

Do you just cross stitch in one directional flow?



4 thoughts on “Stitch Update on AF4

  1. I stitch all over the place, I think you called it cross country. I stich going up, down, left, right, and over 4-5 pages at a time. I don’t think I could ever stitch like you do, I just don’t have the disapline nor do my x’s go the save way 😦

  2. You have a perfectly valid excuse for not updating that one week! And yay, the edge is edging (haha) ever closer!
    I really like going right and down when stitching as well. Even when I’m doing cross country an a piece, this will still be the general direction for me to go. I only not do it when I’m scared to seriously mess up the counting (like when a branch or something is anchored in the lower right and I’d have to count out the whole thing to start in the upper left). And sometimes when it just doesn’t work, like a design going in circles…okay, maybe I’m a bit more varying my direction than I thought 😀

  3. Love your blog, not a lot of stitchers can ‘stick’ to one project at a time 🙂 You really have a good progress and the back of your work looks amazing. You do not want to see how it looks like on my HEAD 🙂 good luck further !!

    • Thank you! There are times I might just not stitch on it, but I’m not bored with it. I think that’s the key for me really. The fact that it’s going to look amazing when done just pushes me on. I really want to frame it and have it in my room (^_^). Motivation there.

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