First Try: 3D Origami

As much as I dislike advertising my woes I have to this time around.

I loathe stitching upwards. I went into it with positive thoughts and then all that came crashing down…on the first row. The maddening began on the second. With frustration, I said good-bye to it all and it’s been stored away since then.

This all happened the first day I tried…on the second line. (>__>)

I picked it back up the other day with a different approach. It’s slow to go but I’ll get the hang of it. I have a cooler head and maximum patience. I have to get the hang of it and not give up because this is the best option.

Through this I realized something. I shall never again start in the middle lol. I started in the middle with AF4 because I was terrified I’d gotten the wrong-sized fabric. I read the horror stories. I didn’t want to do all that stitch work and end up with no more fabric. I can firmly say I am not afraid of that anymore.

With my devastating lost, for now, I decided to try something new.

That new was 3D origami! I’ve always been fascinated by it, but never tried it until now. This is what I made.

3D Swan Origami 1

A small swan.

Here’s some more views of it.

Swan Side Swan Front Swan Other Side Swan Side Back    Swan Back

(I wish I could have done a video here of the views. Note to self: Figure out how to do photos in a video when you have the time)

It took me about 4 hours, I’m guesstimating because I didn’t do it all at the same time, to make 250 of those little pieces.


Then I spent another 3 hours putting the thing together. I used glue because not using it was doing me no good. Squirting liquid glue in the little holes is time consuming, but at least I’m satisfied that it won’t fall apart.

If you’re interested in doing a swan check out razcapapercraft. I followed ALL the instructions, his how to fold the pieces/do the base correctly/the swan itself, from his YouTube channel.

Specifically for how to do this swan you can go here: 3D Origami Small Swan.

I really enjoyed his tutorial and want to actually do another one some time. I bestowed my first swan upon a coworker and now I want to make more for other people (^_^). I am highly interested in 3D origami flowers though. I haven’t looked around for tutorials on them, but I will be.

Anyone out there do any 3D origami?



8 thoughts on “First Try: 3D Origami

  1. I gate stitching up too – but found a solution. Try stitching upside down. If you turn your work AND pattern upside down and stitch the way you usually do, it will be identical. Just be careful to turn your flies key over too, in case there are similar ones that could he confused by doing this. Warning: only 180 degrees will work. NEVER turn your work just 90 degrees or disaster will ensue.

    • Thanks a bunch for this! It’s taking me a little bit to get used to but this saved me a lot of time and effort here. It’ll probably be awkward for a little, but I don’t have to keep doing it for too long. Just until I get to the top. Again, thank you (^_^).

      • No problem! And I meant floss, not flies. And hate, not gate. Dumb autocorrect makes me crazy. Happy stitching!!

  2. Oh my that is beautiful. I do so many crafts already I am sure I don’t have time for another but this just looks so cool I may have to try. Please show us the flowers too if you ever get a chance to make them.

    • You should try it! I found making the pieces relaxing and I also quite enjoyed the quiet time to try something new. I’ll definitely post if I do anymore hehe.

  3. Well I wanted to be sad that stitching up was upsetting you so much, but how can I be sad if that made this beautiful swan happen! I’ve never heard of 3D origami before but will need to check it out now, that’s awesome!

    On the other hand, I still hope you’ll get your stitching issues figured out and make good progress again soon ^_^

    • I’ve sort of figured out the stitching. Thanks to a poster above (^_^). Now I just have to take my time and get use to it.

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