Gaming Makes Me Stupid

I’m very close to finishing that last row on AF4. I have about 20 more rows to do until it’s completed. I didn’t do a photo update because I’d like to just have it completed first.

A very special thanks goes to Elheyl from Black Cat Stitches for the wonderful information on how I should stitch upwards. Without the wonderful advice I would’ve wasted a lot of time in the process. Thanks Elheyl!

In reality, I could have finished this column before this post. My mind is preoccupied by two new mind-numbing video games I bought during the week. There was a 80% off sale in the PlayStation Store for two digital games I could not pass up on. Those games are Tomb Raider, the 2013 version, and South Park : The Stick of Truth.

I haven’t gamed since…*think think think think*…2010? Back then, I was a hardcore gamer. There wasn’t anything not to like about it. You could waste 6 hours of a boring day feeding your television and still have a mass amount of fun. Not only by yourself, but with friends! Those were good times.

My gaming preferences are game consoles. I did like Starcraft, which is played on a computer, but consoles are my forte. My favorite gaming console is PlayStation.  I own all of them, except the PS4 and I really want to get that. I’ve played on a friends Xbox a lot of times, but I don’t like the controllers. I’m not a fan of the way the graphics come off either. It’s not a bad systems, I’m just a hardcore PlayStation fiend haha.

Guess what? I still have my old Sega Genesis II from the 90’s. I still play it! You just have to blow on the underside of the gaming block and then press/smack it in. Every now and again I like to take it out and play Tekkan, Golden Axe, Sonic, Ecco the Dolphin, and Street Fighter. Omg, I love me some Street Fighter on the SG II. I also have the Aladdin and Lion King. There’s more, but I don’t play them. I’m just surprised she’s still working.

When I look back on it, I remember all the systems and old games I played. I remember the first Nintendo system where you could play Duck Hunt that had those cute gun controllers. Then there was Nintendo 64 and the freaking Donkey Kong games! I grew up playing video games. I can’t think of the name of it, but I remember my dad had this system, I don’t think it was as popular, and it was the first time Mario was 3D in nature. I wonder if he still has that console. I’d like to have it (^_^).

I’m only 35% into Tomb Raider and noticed a pattern that can get old. I like the graphics of the game. I just don’t like the repetition. Not to spoil anything for people who haven’t played this and want to, but it’s like she’s in peril and escapes, then there’s a pause to explore, she sobs a little about what’s going on, then gains courage, and it repeats. It’s all very predictable. I enjoy the fact that you’re watching her origin story and you get to watch her do things she’s never done. I just expected it to have a little more. I’m still really enjoying it, I just hope it picks up.

South Park: The Stick of Truth is a hilarious game. It’s a hidden secret that I quite enjoy the South Park TV show haha. I like the over-the-top and grotesque humor that comes with it. I can’t help it. Then the game is like the show and that’s freaking amazing. I did get it digitally and noticed some glitches; such as, the map is a bit off on where you are in the town, it gets laggy after you move to the next section of the screen for a little bit, and sometimes when you press the correct button in fight mode the character just doesn’t do anything. Yet, even with these glitches I still like the game very much. If you get bored and don’t want to stick to the main story there’s other side quests you have available. I love that! Keeping with the South Park fashion, you’ll enter weirdness and see some crude things, but that’s all the fun of the game.

I’ve been missing at least 4-6 hours of my day when I get home to game, *ahem*, but I’ve enjoyed the downtime of not thinking seriously. I think about going home to game when I’m even at work now haha. That is the part of my Gamer Nerd brain I don’t like. Here I am at work and I’m thinking, “I need my fix mannnn”. Lol.

I know of one gamer out there, Leonore, but anyone else like playing video games?

 Have a great week everyone.




11 thoughts on “Gaming Makes Me Stupid

    • It’s when the area you are trying to fill is ABOVE the line of stitching you already have done – so your needle comes UP in holes that already fiber in them, and goes DOWN in holes that are open. Very annoying. The solution I found is to turn your work and your pattern (and floss key!) upside down and to stitch normally. The stitches come out identically, and you once again can stitch with the needle coming up in the open fabric beneath your existing stitching, and going down into the holes that have fiber in them from your existing stitching. It’s a great trick. It also helps avoid back strain when you are trying to reach the very upper right corner of a large piece – turn it over, and that corner is now the near left corner and much easier to reach. Just be CAREFUL. NEVER turn your work 90 degrees only!!! It MUST be a 180 degree turn, and also be careful to turn your floss key over so the symbols match up with what you are looking at on your pattern.

      • Thanks Elheyl! I never thought about that technique. Then again I don’t do work with a lot of fill-in stitches very often. I’ll have to try this at some point.

    • Exactly what Elheyl says. It is different and you have to focus more in the beginning to get it, but once you do it’s not as hard as it seems. (^_^)

  1. So glad I could help! I had to uninstall Candy Crush Saga from my phone because it was horribly addicting (and maddening), and worst of all – it ate into my stitching time!

  2. I’m one :). I’m more of a Zelda fan so I like Nintendo consoles but my hubby’s a pser I watched him play stick of truth lol did you get to the part in your parents bedroom yet? ;). Hilarious lol! Is the 3d Mario console you’re thinking of the n64? I think that’s the first time he was in 3d.

    • I’ve been doing the side quests. On the main story, I’m only at the part where you have to bust Craig out of detention so they can go fight the elves. Mr. Mackey…is a trip lol. I didn’t like playing Zelda BUUUTT I love watching people play it. Certain games I might not personally like, but watching someone else play is a hilarious adventure. Hehe. Once I googled N64 and Mario I’m thinking that was what he had. The scenes were familiar. I have to make sure to call dad some time and see if he remembers.

  3. Haha, I feel a teeny-tiny bit guilty for maybe motivating you to get back to gaming, but then, not so much, probably 😉 I loved the Tomb Raider game, I still need to finish the main story (I’ve been doing all the collectibles and I just need to get myself up to search the last open area) and I have to admit, I never really felt bored. True, there’s a bit of a pattern there, but the action/peril parts are all very different, so I still enjoyed it. I have yet to play the South Park one though.

    • You should feel guilty! *Hehe* Reading about your gaming seriously wanted me to start again. I’m glad for the nudge (^_^). I do like the action parts of TR. I’m currently stuck on this part of the game where I’m in the Shanty Town and I have to take down three waves of bad guys. I can get past the first two, but after that it’s tough. Is it bad that I enjoy the violence of it? You should hear me screaming at the TV when I know I did a head shot but the guy is still alive….”Oh come on! He should be dead! No one getting shot in the head should still be alive!”.

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