Yes! Finally!

It’s happened. I finally finished and met my left edge of AF4!

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 8.8 (062815)

I didn’t cry like I said I would. I did squeal with joy though (^_^).

It’s been a struggle to complete. The internal conflict and procrastination almost kept this still unfinished. When the completion of the last row took place, I was proud that I accomplished such a mini goal. As I stated before, this was a personal finish and it merges with all my new life changes. I couldn’t be happier.

I’m too joyful and can’t wait to continue stitching on AF4. I did fear I would lose my momentum after I finished this part, but I haven’t. I’m actually surprised at the reaction with the finish. I’m determined to keep going. That’s…a new step for me too.

The plan is to continue moving upwards. I have 4 pages of one column to do. Considering that each full-page has 7 columns, I think I can knock this out pretty quickly. Even though I am very comfortable stitching upwards I can’t wait to get back to my usual flow. With that in mind, I might finish it faster than I even think.

Have a wonderful week.



7 thoughts on “Yes! Finally!

  1. Strange, for some reason I thought you already had started your journey upwards 🙂 But yay for reaching the edge, and yay for soon being able to go down again!

    • I did start it weeks ago, when the frustration over took and I began gaming. I was using the last column to be the starting point.

  2. Congratulation on reaching your mini-goal. When working on such huge projects I find it very helpful to celebrate the little milestones–it helps me want to keep going.

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