#7 | 2015 WIPocalypse

I haven’t participated in the WIPocalypse since April. Not that I didn’t want to, but I was trying to reach a goal and hadn’t until now.

The question of the months is: Reality or Fantasy. Which do you prefer to stitch? Figures or Abstract?

This isn’t very hard for me to choose at all. I love me some Fantasy stitching projects. It has to be super colorful, elegant, and a bit on the adorable cutesy side. (I have to note here that I’m thinking of “reality” as something that looks like a photo.) I’ll always fall for the colorful and complex. The only exception is anything abstract. I honestly can’t get into abstract stitching projects. All that color together and spiraled around makes my head hurt and my tummy queasy. I’m the same way with abstract art. My body just doesn’t agree with it. Weird, right?

Question answered. Now here’s some pictures!

Progress in April

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 8.1 (040615)

Where I am now

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 9 (070515)

For all who follow my blog, I’ve finished one page as I’m going upwards. I have 3 more pages to go. Let’s see if I can do a page a week.

Merry Stitching!




8 thoughts on “#7 | 2015 WIPocalypse

  1. I wish I could stitch as fast as you or maybe it that you put more time into stitching either way I’m jealous can’t wait to see it next week!

    • I love my free time, which is after work or on my days off, and I’ll put time to stitching then. I try to at least do 200 stitches in one sitting. Its definitely the free time :-p.

  2. Nice progress. Yeah I don’t like swirly abstract art either. I prefer geometric art. The type you can get lost in.

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