Onwards, Upwards, and Big Bang on the Side

There’s not much to say this blog post about stitching. This is going to be a heavy YouTube post though.

I did finish stitching one more page to AF4 though.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 9.1 (071215)

I have two more pages to go and then no more upwards stitching. It’s not too bad once you get the hang of it. At least I can say I wouldn’t be overwhelmed with doing it, if I have to do it again.

Now I’m going to share a favorite recent song from my favorite K-pop group Big Bang from their new Made series album called “Bang Bang Bang”. (This is the dance practice video, but I’m putting the official music video further down the page.) Before I show the video, there are five members in the group and at about 13 seconds into the video you can see all five. The rest of the people are backup dancers.

Omg, I just can’t get enough of them! For all not familiar; you have G-Dragon (The guy in the shorts and hat. Hehe, he so would be the only one. In the official music video I can’t take my eyes off him), T.O.P (The tallest member of the five with his hair spiked up and has too much swag to dance. Seriously, he doesn’t need to because he’s got such vibe it doesn’t even matter :-p. Besides, that voice sends earthquakes), Taeyang (The one wearing the blue button up and hat. I’d be a Taeyang groupie if I could, no lie. He gives me life, I swear), Seungri (He’s got the short silver hair. I find all the members attractive in their own way, but he had me switching from Taeyang on this and the official music video. Yep, I’m a sucker), and Daesung (Has the brown hair and starts singing at 1:28. Can’t get enough of his voice. I’m glad you can see his eyes here because in the official music video his haircut covers them).

I quite enjoy the dance practice video for “Bang Bang Bang” because you get to see the boys work. When you watch them dance their personalities match with their moves. Hypnotizing to say the least. They just make me smile. They’re just too…dreamy?…adorable?…I don’t know if there’s a word but it makes me totally fangirl out.

Here’s the official music video (^_^) . I love both videos, but I watch the dance one more. Beware that it’s a pretty crazy music video.

I’m very happy they came out with their new album during their World Tour. They have more music videos to go with their new songs and I fell for them all. I was hoping to go see them in New Jersey, as that’s the closest US venue to me, but the tickets for where I want to sit is expensive. I also totally missed the ticket open date, so of course the sales of ticket prices are higher. Then I factored in everything else I have to pay for: gas, car rental, hotel, and ticket…and decided to not go. It’s actually sad because I get this feeling this will probably be their last concert together.

To see them in person would probably give me a heart attack. I can’t even talk about my mini thought of catching them walking around accidentally around New Jersey. I’d just die. It’s that serious! Big Bang would be the only celebs to ever do it for me. Eh, I might flip out over some other Korean stars too. I’m just not susceptible to being star-struck over well-known American celebs.

Hey, don’t give me that look. I’m not crazy. You can’t tell me you don’t have at least one celebrity that if they were standing right next to you, you wouldn’t lose your crap? That you’d forget to breath? Not a one?

Before I leave, here’s one more video from them called “Bad Boy”. It’s an old song and still good (like ALL of their older songs). I’d totally do a complete Big Bang video post, but even I’m not that insane. I love too many of their songs and videos.  I’m sharing this one because I actually learned all the words for it. I can sing-a-long perfectly to it.

Well…even if I love me some Big Bang, for now I’d rather keep the money I was going to spend to see them, save it, and see someone who’s super important to me later down the road. (^_^)

Have a wonderful week everyone!



5 thoughts on “Onwards, Upwards, and Big Bang on the Side

    • Haha, my fangirling makes me embarrassed at times. When it happens, it happens. Nothing to stop it lol. Yay to another Big Bang liker. Do you have a favorite in the group?

      • Don’t do that to me… hahaha umm well, let’s see. I really like GD because he’s very creative and he stands out A LOT. Also – Taeyang because he’s a dancing machine… I can’t choose one cause I like every one of them for different reasons haha
        Wait, I’m not sure if you’ve mentioned yours in a post??

      • I favor Taeyang only by one point. I’m like you, I really enjoy all of them and couldn’t pick just one to admire. But, if I just had to in a life or death…it’d be hard…but it’s Taeyang. (^_^)

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