Falling for it Again

I didn’t do any stitching the past week. So, there’s no update. 😦

It was a great week for self-reflection. I meditated a lot more and did a fast on Friday that was a wonderful experience. I also spent a lot of time reading, playing video games, and writing. I’m at 50% on Tomb Raider. I’m taking back everything negative I said about Tom Raider. It’s grown on me and I’m enjoying the story.

The only work I did do (besides actual work har-har-har) was a bit of cleaning. I muddled through my stitch drawer and remembered my pattern for Chimera! Don’t get too happy. I’m not going to be stitching it, I just found it. What do you all do with your patterns? Do you store them in a special way? Are they all paper? A suggestion given to me was to just make a copy of the pattern and store the original.

The forgotten Chimera took me astray to HAED’s website. I haven’t been sifting through them in a long time. Let’s not fall for patterns when I have my hands full, but to unexpected avail, I fell head over heels yet again.

Tale of the Red Swans

Our Secret Harbour

These patterns are so bright in color, which you know I like, and the detail would look fabulous when stitched. I *deep and maniacal voice* want *end scary voice* them. Seeing as my birthday is next Sunday, the 26th, I just might get said patterns for presents.  *Sighs* Why can’t I fall for smaller patterns?

By the way, did you catch I hadn’t said anything about my birthday until now?  I don’t know why but I didn’t think about mentioning it until last week. No reason for it, it slipped my mind.

Have a wonderful week!




9 thoughts on “Falling for it Again

  1. You sound like me – too many hobbies to keep up with them all! I love to meditate too, but I’m not very good at it. I’ve never done a *voluntary* fast – only when I had to for a colonoscopy. I’m interested but I guess just not ready. Also saw an article on a silent meditation retreat last year that I would REALLY like to do – but it would entail 8 days away from home and my husband isn’t too keen on the idea. Maybe some day…
    I would go for the HAED patterns. You only live once!!

    • I love hobbies. It’s welcoming to find something new to add on. Meditation requires some soothing music or else I can’t get there haha. My first fast, since I added meditation/yoga this year, was awful. I got headaches from toxins in my body and the mental anguish was horrible. That fast…almost made me not want to do another one. This one proved me wrong. I’m tougher than the horrible one. I think you do have to be able to take that step. I don’t think I was then, but now I am. The retreat sounds like fun, it should be marked as something to go for sometime!

  2. I love the out secret harbour pattern, I was a very good girl and only looked at the patterns you linked here. I am not allowed on that site until I get something I already have finished. Happy early birthday, glad you were able to get into your game nothings worse than having something you don’t even enjoy.

    • I know what you mean! HAED is too tempting a website. Good for you for not straying. I don’t know how you didn’t succumb to the siren song. Thank you for the early birthday!

      • It was hard too hard, I actually took a look yesterday and fell in love with about 5 patterns and almost bought one, it’s more motivation for me to finish my current project so I can buy/start a new one

  3. I’m glad you had a nice week, even if no stitching was involved. Yay for Tomb Raider, didn’t I tell you that the story will get more exciting? Maybe I should really pick it up now and finish that last bit of story I’m still missing.

    I love the patterns you fell for, especially the secret harbour one. In my opinion it’s perfectly fine to get them, a little stashing never hurt anyone, right? 😀

    • You did tell me. I’m glad I kept going or else I’d miss out on how good it has actually gotten.

      Stash should have been the word of the day when I was writing this entry. I was trying to remember exactly what it’s called when you hoard patterns for later hehe. I guess I only have 1 stash item and it’s a new word to remember (^_^).

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