A Wee Stitch Break

I’m taking a wee stitch break.


I’ve been commissioned to make some 3D swans! I’m only making 5 of them, but they have to be complete by this coming Friday. They won’t look any different than the one I showed you guys before. They’ll just be in different colors. On top of that, I’m making a 3D gift swan for my mother as well. Her swan will be something totally different from the others.

I’ll probably be able to take pictures of my mother’s swan, but maybe not the other 5. They want them as soon as I finish. I’m still making pieces, I think I have enough for 3 1/2 swans now, but I need to get on it. I don’t have many days left. I’m probably going to end up finishing them five minutes before they want them *derp*.  The concept of being paid is interesting too. I feel weird getting money for it, but at the same time I’m not. I’ll have to report back once I’m finished.

Speaking of these 3D swans, I did make one for another coworker as a gift.

Another Coworker Swan

I thought she’d like the color and she even screamed excitedly when I gave it to her. I knew she really wanted one. After she saw the other one I gave away she couldn’t stop talking about it. I’m glad I was able to give it to her. After I did this one I said I wouldn’t make one for someone else unless I wanted to. Then, I got asked to make the 5 I’m working on now.

It’s fun making them, but it takes a lot…A LOT…of patience to make. It’s the pieces. Making them might drive the most sane person mad. When you think there’s an end to making them…you’re dead wrong and you realize you have 82,374,058,395,397,593,753 more to make! Haha, I’m kidding with that number. (^_^).

Once I finish these swans I’ll be able to get back to stitching. I can’t even get a sneak stitch in lol.

Wish me luck and have a great week!




4 thoughts on “A Wee Stitch Break

  1. How cool is that??? I know how you feel about a million tiny pieces – EXACTLY why I won’t take up quilting!! Good luck. I’m sure you’ll get done in time. And, get a little stitchy break isn’t all bad. It will make you want to stitch so much once you’re done!

  2. What a lovely break to take! I love those swans, can’t wait to see the special one you’re making ^_^

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