Stitching Love with a Nuh-Uh

On Saturday, it was surprising to get my floss from 123Stitch in the mailbox.  I wasn’t surprised for the reason you might be thinking; such as, trolls attacking my mailbox and stealing the precious floss because if they didn’t all of the troll kingdom would sink into oblivion and thus I would never get my floss.


Just a simple skeptical thought. They did send a confirmation e-mail that specified I would get my floss Saturday. I did read those exact words last week. I just didn’t think it’d actually get here on time. I’ve recently been ordering things (because like any sane introvert I dislike shopping and crowds) and getting them a day late. Especially, if it’s to being delivered on a Saturday. I won’t see that order until Monday.

To get this order actually on Saturday not only surprised me but made my weekend. I was able to finish a column over the weekend!

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 10.1 (091315)

I really love this stitch. The variations of thread colors are wonderful. I used many different colors in this latest column and flows seamlessly here. When this project first started I knew I would love this pattern. I did have thoughts that I wouldn’t keep up with it for long though. I figured I’d get bored with it earlier. Now, I can’t believe I had the passing thought. This stitch changes so often, with the colors, that I can’t wait to stitch on and see what will show up next!

As I’m moving on to the next column to see what comes next, I’m glad I bought two spools of the Kreinik.

New Kreinik Spools

Each spool is 11 meters long and I think it should take care of me for at least a bit.


I got a gift card from Michaels for my birthday that I’m dying to use. I need to make a day of it on a weekend soon. Maybe by then I’ll need more of the thread. Unfortunately, as I was cutting some of the thread to put on my project card, I came across this midway.

Uh Oh, Quality Control Please

Can we say quality control alert puh-lease! When I hit this mess I knew I had to be in a nightmare because what I was seeing could not be real. Goodness knows I hope this is the only fraying I’ll see in the spool. It’s only a quarter of a meter long, but that’s enough to have my heart sinking!

Good thoughts for the rest of the spool. (^_^) Hummmmmmm.

Anyone ever buy something that turned out not to be what it should and it ruined everything? I’m tailoring the question just to your stitching/crafting projects, but if you have a story on something else I’d love to hear it!

Have a great week and keep on stitching!



5 thoughts on “Stitching Love with a Nuh-Uh

  1. Lol no the trolls!! I haven’t had that happen yet with my kreinik but I hope the rest is okay! I have no stories pilot her than taking the 123stitch thread suggestion and not knowing if I’ll have enough kreinik

  2. Yay for your Kreinik arriving for the weekend! Your progress looks wonderful, and so very different from the last area you worked on, I can understand you’re excited 🙂

  3. I LOVE 123, being in Juneau Alaska I’m extremely limited in shopping choices and have to expand to the net. I agree that even though 123 says the package will arrive on a particular date the USPS goes out of it’s way to ensure that doesn’t happen! So rude!

  4. the Kreinik looks indeed gorgeous but it is too stiff to stitch, really. In my last project I used PB 10 and it’s absolutely perfect (rainbow galery). you really should give it a try

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