Little Bit of Madama Butterfly

I haven’t shown any progress on MB since the beginning of the year. MB is the side stitch. I work on it when I want to stitch something different. Not much to add, since last time, but there’s progress.

Madama Butterfly 1.3 (092815)

I’m still on the first page of MB. There’s two columns to do and half of another until I finish the entire page. I don’t know how I’m feeling about this stitch. She’s just not giving me enough excitement as I thought she would. Not sure if it’s the color scheme or the choice I made to stitch it on black fabric. Whatever it is, the stitch isn’t doing it for me. I’m disappointed at how much fun I’m NOT having on this stitch. I’ll finish the page, but probably won’t keep it up.

Boy, I can’t wait until I get my materials for my new stitch project.

Have a great week!



7 thoughts on “Little Bit of Madama Butterfly

  1. It looks great so far though. I’m sorry it’s not giving you much enjoyment but at least it’s only your side project. I have two side projects at the moment and only one major piece.

    • Thanks (^_^). When I get the materials for my new stichy project I hope that will bring me more joy and be the “main” side project. A win-win.

  2. I’m sorry you’re not having much fun – maybe it will get better when there’s more to see than just some ponk blobs? It’s rrakly pretty too!

  3. Man, I hate that feeling of a project not working out. I’m such a perfectionist that I force myself to finish it anyway, but it’s just a bummer when your hobby begins to feel like work!

    • Ha, I try to force myself and then end up working on a row of 10 for like an hour because I just can’t focus. That’s a wasted hour I can’t get back. But yeah, my heart isn’t that much into MB .

      • Will you keep going then? It’s a tough decision to make if your heart isn’t into it but it’s not a commission.

      • For this project, I will not keep going on it for now. It’s tucked away safely until I get the feeling to work on it comes back. It’s living on UFO Street for now. Right there with Kitty Litter.

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