Familiar Territory

The disappointment of MB, from last week, has lifted. It fluttered in the wind somewhere, hopefully not to return any time soon.

All that’s left is the happiness that’s come from stitching on AF4.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 10.3 (100415)

Oh AF4, I’ve missed your beautiful colors!

One more full column down and half of another is left of this page. I’m going to do the full column and then merge the half column, that’s left on this page, with the other half on the next page. The half column is five stitches and it seems unproductive to do half here and half there. Combining them just makes sense.

Try as I might, I did ditch the multi-needle approach. The needles kept tangling and slowed my progress tremendously. Once I stopped using that approach I flew through the rest of the stitch. Took less than 6 hours, altogether, to finish.

In the next column, I’m going to try the multi-needle approach with a twist. I’ll only use it in areas that have 2 or 3 colors. It’s easier in comparison to the 5-7 colors I tried working with in the current finished column. It’s an experiment continuation.

In the middle of the week, there shall be an impromptu blog. I forgot to tell you guys the good news! Remember I said I had good news about two weeks ago? I forgot about it in last weeks blog, because it totally slipped my mind, and I did want to share the news. Anyways…I’ll catch you up in the middle of the week on that (^_^).

Oh, I have a question for you fabricholics. I’m looking for some hand dyed 28-count fabric. I’ve looked around on 123Stitch, but that’s where I look all the time! I’d like to branch out. It’s nice to give somewhere else a chance. Any suggestions on where else I could buy?

Have a great week.




5 thoughts on “Familiar Territory

  1. Great job on your stitching it looks wonderful! As far as fabrics I’ve heard Stephys Fabbys as well as Under the Sea fabrics are nice. Also Chromatic Alchemy but I’ve never bought from them I like making my own which is also an option. On of my first blog posts was on how I dye mine if you wanted to try it. Have fun choosing!

    • Great progress! I love the colours in this part of the design, and I’m very much looking forward to see more of it, to hear about the results of your experiments and of course your good news, one can never have enough good news!

      As for hand dyed fabrics, my favourite suppliers are all europe based (Polstitches, Jodyri Designs, Sparklies and Crafty Kitten), but I’ve hear good things about Silkweavers for the US 🙂

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