Sick and Sick

I’m sick.

My allergies were bad on Friday. That next morning on Saturday I had a sore throat that got worse during the day. Whenever my throat gets sore I know I’m going to have it bad. I gargled with salt water, took lozenges, and drank some soothing chamomile tea as precautions. I knew they wouldn’t work, but at least I tried.

On Saturday night, the coughing came. Fever hit Sunday night.

It’s nice that I knew this was going to happen and prepared, but it still sucks being in bed all day. When I get up I’m either super cold or hot. Anyone else feel like they’re lighter than air when they walk in that condition? Well…as I’m writing this Sunday at 6:26pm….I know I won’t sleep and I’ll sweat all over my bed tonight. The good thing? I’m sure after I suffer through the night, partial morning too, I’ll feel much better.

So, no update on anything. I know I still owe you guys the super-mega-good-news I’ve been spouting for weeks. I’ve been bad with getting to that. My bad. For now, I’m just going to blow all the snot out of my nose into a tissue and hope it makes the trashcan.

Hope you all have a better start of the week than me! (^_^)



3 thoughts on “Sick and Sick

  1. Hope you get to feeling better! Hubby was throwing up last night and all my family had colds last week. So far I’m good but time will tell!

    • Yikes, hope you have an invisible shield around you and it passes you. It’s that time of year, for people to get sick. Luckily, mine came from allergies. I’m feeling much better today than I have over the weekend. I can be around people now haha.

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