Settling into Changes

It marks two weeks since my last post. I’m currently trying to get settled into my new routine and not much has been able to squeeze itself in yet. I love my current new job and the people I work with. I don’t know how I got so lucky. Got my first paycheck and that was overwhelming. It made me realize even more that I’m full-time. Guys…I’ll be honest…a month in and the whole thing is still surreal. My friends tell me I’ll get use to it, I’m sure I will, but I’m still feeling like I’m in la-la land haha. If I am I don’t want to wake up.

I almost missed Halloween. I love Halloween. The month of October is my favorite month because of all the horror movies on TV. I’m a horror/suspense/crime/gore movie lover. How could I not truly love the month! With new changes happening, I didn’t do anything, but with the spirit of horror I did get some candy for the house.

Halloween 2015

My favorite candy is Reese’s. I bought the others just to appease everyone else in the house so I could keep a lot of the Reese’s for myself hehe. I hope if anyone was in the spirit of the night, you had tons of fun (^_^).

I did some weekend stitching during Halloween and completed my last full column.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 10.4 (110115)

Whew. I’m still going to combine the half column on this page with the next to do a full column. That, in turn, will have another page complete of AF4.

My goal is to finish one more page before 2016. Officially two months until 2016. Can you believe it! And I love the month of December too. People seem happier. How could you not like that?

Have a fantastic week!



3 thoughts on “Settling into Changes

  1. Everything looks great! Reese’s and snickers were my two go-to candies this year. I’m thinking about hitting the store for the mini nutrageous bars those are like my crack LOL

    • I had not idea what a nutrageous bar was until I googled and my jaw dropped. I’ll not stray from the original candy design. But…seeing as we seem to like the same candies…if I see one of those nutrageous bars I’m going to get it! It’s freaking Reese’s!

  2. Your stitching looks great – I love the colours and all the sparkle in this part of the design. And I’m glad you like your job, for me, while I do like my job, starting to work full time wasn’t all positive, but then I’m a lazy bum and prefer sitting at home to almost anything!

    Reese’s are a favourite of mine as well, sadly they don’t sell them in Germany so I need to get a bit creative with ebay and such when I want some 😀

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