Fifth Page Done!

I did it! I finished another page of AF4 (^_^). Technically, It’s a page and five extra columns of the next page, but I’m not one to pull hairs.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 11 (110815)

Really didn’t think I was going to have the energy to stitch this weekend. I was looking forward to napping and just watching TV. Then I remembered the end of the year goal. I knew if I didn’t finish this current page I wouldn’t make another page before 2016.

I couldn’t stand the idea. So I had a deep and meaningful conversation with myself.

The conversation went as such:

“Ugh, I just want to stay in my warm bed and watch TV. Why is the white cheddar popcorn in the kitchen? Why don’t I have magic powers so they can just pop up in a bowl right now? Wait, would I want that to be a power? To just magically pop food into a bowl? That’s pretty lame for a magical power. I think I would want to be able to fly. That’s not magical. That’s more of a superpower, right? Hmm…I would rather have a superpower than be magical. Wouldn’t I?”

*Ahem* Well I continued to have a conversation about superpowers and being magical. Then I eyed my craft bag with my stitching materials sticking out and had a brief thought on jumping into it.

“Nope, I’m not going to do any of that,” I thought and continued to find something on TV. Forgetting a for a little bit the debate in my head on being magical vs. superpowers.

Then I thought about my goal. I make a lot of goals sometimes and I fizz at the very end of them. Could I do it this time when I know I can attain at least one…more…page? Couldn’t I just try for once to beat the consistency? Was I really not able to finish another page? And why am I having so many question marks in this blog!

I sat up, made a you can do it face, balled my right hand into a fist, and marked my voice with bold determination, “Heck yeah I can finish another page before the end of the year. I can!”

With all the motivation I could muster, I got my stitching stuff together and proceeded to fill my weekend with cross stitching. I stitched slower than usual, I got caught up in a lot of movies haha. In the end, I managed to complete another column and page at the same time. I’ve added 5600 more stitches to the project and it brings my total cross stitches count to 25,312. ( Edit: I actually just realized I didn’t add the stitches in the middle. I’ll fix the number later. Just know I’m missing the going upwards stitches I did.)

I like doing the numbers after each page. I’m not even at close to 5%, I don’t think, of this project being done and I’m happy to know it’ll take me some time. But, I do like to see the progress and know that I’ve done more than I think, number wise.

There’s 67 more pages to stitch and I’ll make it 66 before 2016!

I would like to take a moment here and tell you guys that I really appreciate anyone following and keeping up with this stitch. I might go off on other things, besides stitching or on AF4, but I would like to continue blogging the progress of AF4. I’m really attached to it. I guess it’s because with the changes that have happened this year and all the new experiences I’ve been through…AF4 has been with them too. Can you tell that I’m a sentimental person haha? Ah, more question marks (^_^).

I really love this stitch!

Have a great week guys!



5 thoughts on “Fifth Page Done!

  1. Great page finish – I’m still in love with the colours. Good job motivating yourself!
    I might have asked this before…are you working your way down to the row you already stitched now? Or further to the right?

    • I don’t remember being asked that. I only recently came to the conclusion that I’ll split it in 4 sections. I’ll keep going right until it lines up with the stitch I did way earlier. Then I’ll move on down. Section 1 in full effect. If I remember, I might actually do a picture of it full and how I plan to section.

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